Advice For 1st Year CS Students

Advice For 1st Year CS Students

Advice for 1st year CS students


Whether you are a current Btech ( CS) or a Bsc student pursuing a major in Computer Science, you will never go wrong with some of these evergreen tips.


  • P for Programming : If you are a CS student, do your very best to secure a good grasp on the fundamentals of programming from the very first year. The teachers usually will focus only on the theoretical papers and you have to do your best to find out how the classroom theories being explained are applicable on real life situations.


  • Try to connect the dots between various engineering classes – this will help you clear concepts better and also help you score better marks! For example – your Theory of Computation Class can will be connected to your Compilers class. Your algorithm and graphic classes are also related. If you manage to connect these dots you are already in the race ahead in terms of coursework!
  • L for Lab Work : Try to score highest in lab work/practicals. This is the most scoring part of your course where you can get close to 100 if you do things right. Lab work GPA can really push it up. It can even save your GPA from plummeting if you can score good at practicals.
  • Choose friends well : Make you you befriend a studious, conscientious and dedicated study partner., It makes studying easier and this makes you help clear concepts better.
  • Participate in relevant extracurriculars : Make sure you participate in techfest, code writing/programming competitions. Not only doesnt it add to your CV, it also helps you apply your knowledge as an engineer.
  • Try becoming a contributor on sites like GitHub, Kaggle etc. This is also a good way of polishing tech skills.
  • H for Hackathons : Try to visit hackathons if possible. This is a great way of getting exposed to cutting edge technology and also have some fun. P.S : Hackathons also have free food. So you’re getting free food and also getting to learn a lot. How cool is that?
  • Stay away from drugs/addictive substances : We are not saying don’t ever chill with your friends , or celebrate after a successful semester with a drink or two, but do keep away from drugs and alcohol. Not only will they affect your concentration negatively it will also make you waste time in unproductive activities.
  • Research Assistant : Offer to be a research assistant for a prof – especially if he./she specializes in something you want to pursue an MS later on. Not only will you get to learn but also will end up with valuable letter of recommendation.
  • Complete Projects/Assignments Early : Don’t leave it until last moment. This will only fetch you poor marks. Moreover by starting early you can also complete projects at your pace.



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