The ‘Doctor of Philosophy’ or PhD is the highest academic degree earned through several years’ of research works and extensive studies on a particular scholastic discipline by the PhD qualifiers. After completion of the post graduation course, one could embark on a PhD programme if he/she wants to continue further studies.

In order to gain a PhD qualification, one should devote himself into vast academic studies and immense research works of his field of interest. Moreover, PhD candidates need suitable PhD supervisor, a very important and crucial selection for all PhD aspirants, remains responsible for providing support and guidance and help them in their research works.

Brainware University is happy to announce that it offers PhD programme in a number of subjects with all kinds of educational and technical support required for a candidate to acquire a PhD degree. Candidates of any streams from any subject area ranging from computer science to management and mathematics, could apply for the PhD programme. With over 28 years of experience in the education sector, the University is assuring its PhD candidates with all kinds of assistance and exposure while the candidates are pursuing this highly acclaimed programme. Aspirants have to sit for the Research Entrance Test or RET organised by the University and those who can qualify are eligible to apply for this programme. There are other eligibility criteria for the admission to the PhD programme at Brainware University. To know more about the PhD programme, click the link below: 

Brainware University is one of the prestigious universities in West Bengal and completing a PhD programme from this University will definitely add values to your academic career path. With extensive support from the distinguished PhD guides, the candidates could smoothly pursue their PhD along with enjoying their course in the university. Brainware University offers the doctoral programme at an affordable price and provision for instalment payment of the fees are available for the students.