Brainware Weekend MBA program

Executive MBA from IIM

When you’re thinking of adding a feather to your professional hat, there are many ways that can help you. There are mainly two degrees that you must consider- MBA or an Executive MBA. Now the basic question that can hit your mind is what is the difference? Coming to that, you must read below and understand how both stands apart from each other.

Choosing the type of course depends on your goal. Individual who are already working with an organisation and in the domain for 10-15 years may find a weekend MBA programme from Brainware University much more fruitful than the regular degree course. The reason is that MBA course is actually designed for individuals who are entering the industry and not for professionals who have been serving the domain for many years. The students pick up such degree to start their career. Weekend MBA degree can open new ways for a particular individual to climb up the ladder.

When you’re already in the industry, EMBA from Brainware in collaboration with Lincoln University, Malaysia can upgrade your working skills.That’s why prospective MBA entrants need to consider if it’s a better idea to wait a few years, get experience in the industry first and then go for an EMBA.

A regular MBA degree requires much more commitment as compared to weekend MBA. Regular classes can disturb your family life and work schedule. You can easily attend the weekend MBA classes at Brainware Management School, Kolkata. You can have a tight week schedule and get professional classes from big heads during your weekend MBA course.

When it comes to focus and curricula, MBA programs tend to be more concentrated on specific areas of business such as marketing or finance. EMBA programs cover business studies from a strategic perspective, extensively covering all aspects of the industry. If you’re looking to use your degree to reach C-level and director titles, then you will want to pursue an EMBA.

The MBA+PGPM degree from Brainware is organised keeping executive’s point of view. The 2 years programme includes 4 semesters along with a Lincoln University visit during the last semester. This programme can definitely help you to become an executive leader of tomorrow.