Tips for Civil engineering freshers for getting a job


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A big dilemma for most of fresh Btech graduates, is getting placed at the end of graduation. Getting decently placed can be a hurdle for fresh graduates as they lack the practical experience and professional exposure. Most companies/firms today want employees with at least a year of practical experience.


Since Btech grads usually lack this experience, the one way you can attract more worthwhile and rewarding work, is to gain some relevant technical skill, directly related to your field, and clear your concepts. Today we will discuss how Btech Civil Engineering freshers can find better placements fresh out of Btech


Maintain a High GPA : The easiest way to get a headstart in the firms that visit your campus, is to have a good GPA. In engineering a decent GPA consists of 7.8 – 8.0, and excellent GPA consists of 8.5 -9 . Maintaining a high GPA, is of utmost importance, to the fresher, as there’s no other parameters like work experience to judge you on. The company can evaluate your worth, only on the basis if your GPA.


Participate in relevant extracurriculars : One way to boost up your CV during graduation, is to participate in relevant extracurricular activities. One way to do this is through participation in seminars, paper presentations and workshops, and tech fests of other reputed engineering colleges. Through this you will gain some exposure.


Select a Good Topic in Final Year Project : By this we mean select a topic on which you are passionate about, and you have aptitude in. Also ideally this project should align with the field you intend to specialize in.


Obtain Certifications : Certifications are always valuable in engineering, as they are a testament to your skills and dedication. If you plan to work on infrastructures in future, work towards obtaining certification like LEED certification ( Leadership in Energy and Environmental Designing)


Become a member of national engineering bodies : Try to become associated with national engineering bodies like  Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) and Institution of Engineers (India) IEI.


Become Adept in Industry Software : Try to get a hang on relevant software such as AutoCAD and Staad Pro, Revit etc


Visit Construction Sites Often : Generally the world of the civil engineer is the construction site. Visit sites often and observe how the surveyors, the site supervisors are working, you will get to have a lot of first hand experience.