Skills for a smooth engineering career

IT skills needed in Your Engineering Career


Skills or rather technical skills is the make or break factor in the career of an engineer. The IT sector though volatile, is a talent oriented and knowledge based one, and how far you go in this industry is directly proportionate to your skills. The more you focus on improving your technical skills, the better you will survive on your tech job.


The tech industry runs on dynamic professionals with latest tech skills. So if you are gunning for long innings in the tech sector, get yourself updated in these latest skills.


Tableau Skills : Tableau certification is extremely important if you work in the IT. Tech oriented businesses in general, are heavily dependant on data. Professionals who are proficient in data science and visualization will always be considered invaluable by these firms. Most of the firm’s value professionals who can effectively mine data and unravel business opportunities .


Natural Language Processing : This skill is invaluable as it this seeks to bring digital data a step closer to people. NLP or Natural Language Processing combines artificial intelligence, computational linguistics and computer science helps computers replicate human ability to read languages. Professionals who are adept at NLP can help companies discern consumer feedback, and general consumer sentiment from digital data easily. NLP also allows business gauge and summarize consumer emotions from social media posts.


MYSQL Programming : This is a much coveted skill, as it helps professionals to work around all databases. receive and use  and modify stored information about people, products, market trends etc.


Social Media Marketing : Having a good grasp over digital marketing is necessary for IT professionals. Most of the companies – especially the tech firms want an online presence. The best way to create an online reputation – and spread awareness about the company and the product/service it offers is to consumers is through digital marketing tactics like SEM, SEO etc.


User Experience Design : This is an extremely handy skill, as it helps you analyze what a user feels when they browse a site. Professionals having this skill is prized by the company as they help the firm get a good grasp of consumer expectations and modify their services accordingly.


3D Rendering : This can also be counted as a valuable skill, as it enables you to create 3D realistic models of the products the firm offers. The consumers gets to see a real life model of the products.


Constant updating of skills according to industry requirements is one of the best ways to remain employable.