how to choose the right career During the challenging times

how to choose the right career During the challenging times

Helping students to choose the right career path

Do you have doubts about the career path you chose? Are you having trouble choosing a career path? You’re not alone: Many people have a hard time choosing a career path or have doubts about the wisdom of their choice later down the line. Especially in these tough times, the doubts have doubled and the opportunities are less. Before deciding on a career for yourself, you must ask yourself a set of questions like-

What are my interests? …

What are my skills? …

What are my talents and strengths? …

What education or training do I need? …

Are there jobs available in this career?
Be very specific about your answer and then you’ll somehow manage to get the answer. Your field of interest plays a major role in choosing your desired career. Based on this, you can build your skillset and the same goes for talents and strengths. Then comes the most important aspect of getting the right education and training. 

Nowadays, career-oriented courses are the best choice for students who aspire to become professionals. After 10+2, most of the students are taking job-ready courses that can fetch them their desired job. In this scenario, the universities are providing a great range of career-oriented courses. Their approach to building the careers of the students is commendable. 

With a great range of career courses, Brainware University also focuses on the all-around development of the students. From academics to placement, all are taken care of by the university. With 8 schools and 20 departments, Brainware University offers a number of degree and diploma courses.

The Schools of Engineering, Biotechnology, Bioscience, and Agricultural science, Management and Commerce, Law, Medical and Allied Health Science, Computational and Applied Science, Communication, Multimedia, Film Studies, Humanities and Social Sciences provides twenty-six undergraduate programmes, sixteen post-graduate
programmes, six Ph.D. programmes, and nine diploma programmes.

Choosing a career course from such a wide range makes it easier. Now, talking about starting a career at this challenging point of time may seem tough but not impossible. After scrutinizing the industry scenario, Brainware University minutely plans the industry-based programme. Brainware University consistently holds a great placement record.

Even in 2020, a sufficiently disturbing year and the massive disruption due to the pandemic, 97% of students have been placed and the highest drawn salary is as high as 12 LPA.  Break the myth! With proper guidance and training, you can always launch your career.

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