Journalism Courses

Media courses are very popular now among the vast number of students. There are huge career prospects in the field. In Kolkata, West Bengal there is a large number of colleges that offer degrees and diplomas in media and related courses.

Why choose media courses?

  • A degree in Media Science, whether bachelor’s or master’s, unlocks new avenues in job sectors for people coming from all walks of life.
  • Students get practical preparation for different media careers.
  • Students get practical skills in film production, copy writing, reporting etc.
  • They become able to represent issues like gender, race, conflict, politics etc. through media platform.
  • Students always remain efficient with updated knowledge in various fields like social media, recent technological developments, industry knowledge etc.
  • While continuing a degree, students get opportunity to interact with eminent personalities across the field. There are scopes for learning, travelling, writing, interviewing and many such.

Study in media courses offer everything in the field of mass media such as, print media (newspaper), audio/audio-visual media like radio, television, internet etc. As the sector of media and communication is becoming more diverse and dynamic day by day, the demand for the degrees in the media and communication studies is also becoming popular.

Since 1980s, the degree has gained a momentum covering ranges of topics like advertisement, public relations, event management etc. Apart from this, the course varies significantly in content and approach towards the subject area. In Kolkata, West Bengal there is a large number of colleges that offer degrees and diplomas in media and related courses.

List of Colleges

Here is list of a few significant government and private colleges offering courses related to media science-

  • National Academy of Media and Events
  • Institute of Management Study
  • NSHM Knowledge Campus
  • Brainware University
  • Future Media School
  • Calcutta Media Institute
  • University of Engineering and Management
  • Institute of Mass Communication Film and Television Studies
  • International Institute of Media & Communication
  • The Heritage Academy
  • Jadavpur University
  • Calcutta University
  • Techno India
  • Ilead School of Business

List of Courses

There are both graduate and post-graduate courses available in the field of media science. The general courses are-

  • B.Sc./M.Sc. in Mass Communication/Media Science/Journalism
  • Diploma/PG Diploma in Mass Communication/ Media Science/Journalism
  • Professional certificate courses

There are also scopes for short-term courses and online courses.

Scopes in Media Courses

  • The courses are generally designed keeping in view, the knowledge and skills required to serve the media sector.  The curriculum for each programme is made industry oriented to give students a professional edge.
  • The main focus is on making students industry prepared. Students are often trained by regular and guest faculties, who are mostly practicing industry professionals or academicians with huge experience.
  • Most of the institutes are pioneered with the top educational institutes and the representative bodies of the state media industry. This association helps colleges to be the trusted media institutes in the country.

Career in Media Science

After earning degrees in Media Science, students can get opportunity for jobs in the following positions-

  • Media Reporter
  • Media Planner
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Programme Researcher
  • Social Media Manager
  • Television/video/film Producer
  • Web Content Manager
  • Copy Writer
  • Broadcast Journalists
  • News Anchors
  • Market Researcher
  • Freelance Photographers, Reporters

In order to achieve success in the field, students or professionals need to be persistent in their applications. The more they explore the domain and get in touch with different media platforms, the more their chances of getting new opportunities increase.