Career preparation in computer science


There used to be a time when communicating with someone far away or mailing someone a letter used to be a tedious task. Then computers arrived and took the world by storm. Today we can’t even think of doing the simplest of tasks without a computer, a laptop or a smartphone handy. So if you are confused about what you want to do after your 10+2, then computers are a good option to consider. It is a booming field when innovation is the keyword. And this field will never get saturated. There will always be a demand for people with this degree in the job market.

So instead of confusing yourself with a thousand options, start looking into the top B.Sc in Computer Science Colleges in Kolkata. Now for students who have already finished their Bachelor’s in this subject and are debating about whether to do an M.Sc or not. Take our sound advice and do it. You have a B.Sc in Computer Science and your college is giving you good placement, great. But the package you are getting now will be doubled if you finish your M.Sc and then apply for a job. This is not USA where people take up Master’s in a subject only if they want to go into academia.

Wake up, this is Kolkata, and people who hire you in Kolkata respect you more and think highly of you if you have a Master’s. So drop the idea of joining a job with a satisfactory package now. Start looking into the top M.Sc in Computer Science Colleges in Kolkata. Then finally when you have your Master’s degree and you are joining a job with great prospects and a great package, you will be thanking us. Now if you want to take your career a step higher, here’s what you should do.

An M.Sc in Computer Science coupled with an MBA will take you places you cannot imagine you can go in your career. C-suit jobs await you very early in your career with this combination and you will be head-hunted by the leading companies. Not to mention a package that will surely more than satisfy your expectation. But an MBA also means two more years of study and hard work and financial investment. Ask yourself if you are ready for that first and then take the plunge. Whatever you choose, an M.Sc or an M.Sc with an MBA, you will later on thank us that we guided you into doing this!