Selecting a career in Mass Communication has become a trending choice among students. It encompasses an array of subjects and course designs. Therefore, it is imperative that an individual should understand the pros and cons of the long/short term courses available, and how each of them would benefit the learner in terms of career development. Mass Communication involves an in-depth understanding of video-audio production, journalism, advertising, public relation, event engagement/ management activities. Herein are outlined some of the advantages that one might harness from opting Mass Communication as a career option.


  • Enhanced creativity and communication skills

Opting for a Bachelor in Mass Communication is the best option for the creative individuals who can channelize their unique perspectives through the learning of the audio and video production technicalities. The secret is to master the craft of implementing communication tools as an information dissemination medium, without breaching the legal or aesthetic limits of freedom. The learners have the opportunity of widening their career domain either in the media, newspaper, and film industries.

  • Decision-making abilities and a well-networked social life

Mass Communication involves having an in-depth understanding of Public Relation. An individual will acquire the soft skills and the psychological conditioning which are vital to maintaining an effective relationship with everyone. The learning would be insightful in terms of professional development and personal skills enhancement. For instance, an individual with strong PR skills would know how to negotiate with their customers or clients or mitigate conflict situations. Similarly, the same could be employed in establishing strong social networking skills in a multi-cultural environment. Consequently, the decision-making abilities are sharpened.

  • No prior experience is necessary

Students from the various subject background can pursue a career in Mass Communications. A student from the science background would have as much eligibility as a Humanities student to apply for the Bachelor of Mass Communication. Currently, a list of reputed colleges in Kolkata is offering this stream as a part of under- and post-graduate degree courses. National Institutes of Film and Fine Arts, Institute of Mass Communication Film and Television Studies, St. Xavier College, and Brainware University are some of the leading institutes offering degree courses in Mass Communication.

However, it is recommended that an aspirant Mass.Com student should do the necessary research works before applying for the course. The differences and the benefits of the Full/ Short time Mass.Com courses must be understood before applying for the same.