What is a BBA course?

There are just a few days left before the class 12 exam and students are not only preparing for it at the last minute, but also deciding among a variety of academic options in order to prepare for the real world. Among the many options, the BBA stands out as a popular alternative  for students interested in a
management course and a career in management and entrepreneurship.

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) is a three-year program open to any learner with a 50% marks or equivalent grade in ’10+2′ examination from any recognised board. The course seeks to close the knowledge gap between theory and application.


Why BBA?

    • Theory, practical knowledge application, and personality development all come together in a BBA degree. Learning strategies in this program include case studies and projects that enable learners to apply managerial principles and techniques in the real world. 
    • A BBA degree covers a wide range of topics that will prepare you to be an educated professional and provide you a lot of employment opportunities. Students who enroll in the BBA Program learn about financial management, marketing management, banking and finance, business aspects of law, human resource management, and other topics through a case-based, industry-relevant curriculum.
    • With a BBA degree, you’re more likely to get hired than those who hold other bachelor’s degrees.
    • BBA degrees serve as stepping stones to MBA degrees. It is possible to apply to the MBA program from all different streams, but BBA graduates will have an edge over others. BBA programs provide a solid foundation for MBA study.
    • The well-designed BBA program strives to impart as much knowledge about the business world as possible. Students have a particular edge since the course is updated in accordance with the most recent trends and advances in the business.
    • As communication is the foundation of a BBA degree, acquiring these critical skills facilitates the development of a solid professional network.
    • As part of your BBA study, you are required to do several presentations, therefore you are also taught how to speak in front of an audience. You will have grown and become a more self-assured person by the time your degree is complete.
    • After earning a BBA, you have a variety of options for courses, including PG degrees in business and finance, law school, CA, CWA, and CMA.
    • If you are certain that you do not want to continue higher study and are looking to explore employment opportunities after earning your BBA, the simplest and most popular employment route for a student is often in the sector of finance, marketing, human resources.
    • Knowledge of BBA is crucial given the impact of globalization and shifting market dynamics. BBA programs aid in developing a sound business sense, smart judgment, and a firm grip on profitable business ideas.
    • After earning your degree, you can choose from a variety of high-paying occupations with several career opportunities such as:
      – Human Resource Executive
      – Research Assistant
      – Financial Executive
      – Marketing Executive
      – Finance
      – Consultancy
      – Banking 
      – Sales executive

Brainware University is one of the best universities for BBA admission in Kolkata as it offers several professional and industry-oriented programs. In addition to offering Bachelor of Business Administration , the university also offers  BBA Digital Marketing and BBA Hospital Management programs. 

  • BBA in Digital Marketing: This 3-year-undergraduate course aims to give students a solid foundation in digital marketing concepts such as technological platforms, SEO/SEM, and utilizing new media to communicate with customers. This BBA course is a good choice for those seeking a full-fledged digital marketing degree because it teaches both management and marketing skills. 
  • BBA in Hospital Management: This three-year-undergraduate program seeks to provide students with practical training at top medical facilities in the areas of hospital administration, medical ethics, health economics, and insurance. Students searching for a hospital management course in Kolkata can apply to Brainware University to receive the best training and education available in the market.


With a BBA, you’ll have several options for both education and profession. Hence, if you are still debating getting the degree, go for it! You will look back on it as your wisest choice ever. Contact our counsellors if you have any questions regarding the BBA course benefits; they would be happy to answer them. Contact us right now!