Career in multimedia and web development

Why Opt For A Career in Multimedia & Web Development


Are you passionate about animation? Are you a creative person, who is looking to carve out an exciting, well paid and fulfilling career, in animation and special effects? If you reply in the affirmative then you should make it a point to learn VFX ( visual effects) . If you have creative flair, can come up with funny, animation characters in your sleep, then a career in VFX and animation is for you.


VFX is basically the process of using technology to create or manipulate characters according to a story arc. VFX are talented and efficient artists who create colourful cartoons, to life. According to Q & A sections like Quora, and compensation directories like Payscale and Glassdoor .com, a VFX fresher can get upto 18k per month . After gaining some experience- and if you have established yourself as a Visual Effects artists of exceptional potential or originality- you can be picked by big shot film companies like Pixar, Disney, Hues ( Hyderabad), Rhythm etc.


So if you are an individual with outstanding storytelling ability, excellent artistic potential and if you are keen to establish yourself as an animator or visual effects specialist, then why not enroll for the Multimedia Magic & Web Development course offered by Brainware University?


Apart from getting trained in cutting edge animation technologies like VFX, 3D animation, artwork designing ( illustration and visualization techniques) , business card designing, company logo designing, banner making etc., digital painting etc. You will also be gaining a holistic, hands on experience on sound editing, character animation, digital animation storyboarding etc. You also learn about the fundamentals and the nittie gritties of web designing.


The best thing is, that you will be equipped to work in different types of industries and job profiles, by the time you complete the course, whether as an animator, or a web designer, or logo designer, you will be able to develop creative versatility.


What’s more you will have a job, with wonderfully flexible work schedule, decent pay and the ability to exercise lots of creativity – create, design and live in a whole new world. If the idea of earning while having lots of fun, beckons you then do not hesitate to sign up for this course!