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How To Turn Your Internship to Pre Placement Offer


You have bagged that lucrative summer internship, worked yourself to the bone, and everyone at the firm can see how talented you are, how much untapped potential you have, now what?

As the internships come to an end, you worry about getting a PPO, or Pre Placement Offer.

One of the main objective of an internship, is to get practical hands on training in a specific job role or industry, have some initial industry exposure. Internship is the modern equivalent to apprenticeship. But the main goal of a young, ambitious intern is to grab a PPO. Not all internships in fact offer PPOs. This can be due to various reasons, either the candidate has not been impressive during his/her internship. Or there are no vacancies in the specific job role the candidate is keen on applying. In this essay we will discuss some strategies, on how you can turn that internship into a PPO – especially those internships that do not  explicitly guarantee a PPO.


Overachieve : Simply put deliver more than what your job role demands. An internship is the best time where you can show managerial and leadership potential. Everyone wants to be surprised pleasantly. So go that extra mile, make that extra call, set new targets and achieve them, and you will surely make a favourable impression on your employer. One way to do this is to treat your internship as a full time job. Take the same level of pressure, an entry level employee would do.


R For Research : Research thoroughly about the organization – what industry it specializes in, what consumer/clients it caters to, long term vision and mission, current marketing trends in that industry, ( especially those followed by the competitors). Your employer will be impressed by your knowledge and enthusiasm about the company.


Network : Always try and maintain friendly relations with co interns and seniors. You never know who can become an investor in your startup, a mentor or a business associate. Cultivating good will is a must if you want to increase a chance for that PPO.
KIF (Keep it Formal) : Dont dress like an intern, dress like an employee. Technically speaking you will be forgiven if you show up in faded jeans and patent leather boots at the firm, since you are an intern. Interns are not expected to be the paragon of professionalism. But since you are eying that PPO, it’s better to give your employer the impression that you will fit right there in the company culture, isn’t it?