Top Reasons To Pursue a BBA :

Top Reasons To Pursue a BBA :

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Keen or working in the corporate sector in a high end job in finance, marketing or human resources? Or have plans to start something of your own? An independent venture? Read on to find out how!

Currently there are two pathways to high end corporate jobs and entrepreneurship – either an MBA ( Master in Business Administration) or a BBA ( Bachelor in Business Administration) . BBA is one of the most exciting, flexible and dynamic undergraduate degrees today. If done from a reputed institution, it can become a launchpad for all your corporate dreams.


Corporate Career Fasttrack : One of the best reasons for pursuing a BBA, is that you have direct access to several entry level corporate jobs that include market research, financial analysis, human resources or client facing roles like sales and marketing etc . Although an MBA is usually pursued by the majority of BBA graduates pursue MBA  later on to reach senior most levels in their profession, many did well in their careers just fine with a BBA . A BBA prepares you for all kinds of corporate roles.


Pathways to an MBA ; A BBA logically leads to an MBA – BBA stands for Bachelor in Business Administration and MBA stands for Master of Business Administration. While graduates from other streams will find it difficult to transition to MBA and will struggle with the question – ‘’Why MBA?’’, doing an MBA will be a natural and an obvious progression academically for you, and serves as the perfect foundation for MBA.


Bright Chances For A Lucrative Career : According to the reports of KPMG, around 30 million management professionals by 2020. The BBA teaches you with all aspects of a business ranging from finance to marketing and human resources that equips you with the ability to solve day to day business problems. You can join banks as financial analyst firms as a marketing professional or human resources officer etc.


Early Start To Management Career : The BBA is a 3 year management course. One big advantage is that you can acquire professional and management skills early on and get a headstart in your career. BBA will thus prepare you for managerial roles from a very young age.


Versatile : The BBA is a versatile course – on one hand it teaches you the commercial and technical side of business like a B.Com – like business/financial accounting, financial management, business law , organizational behaviour and business economics etc but at the same time it helps you mould yourself into a well rounded professional by helping you develop soft skills like business ethics, communication and leadership as well as decision making and critical thinking skills etc.


Numerous Post graduate Options : After your BBA MBA is not the only course you can opt for. You can also go in for a variety of courses like MCA, ( Masters in Computer Application) PGDM in Banking, Finance, Social Media Management. Operations, Fashion Technology , Mass Comm ( Journalism etc) etc.


If you are looking for a top quality BBA program in West Bengal then you can consider the BBA course offered by Brainware University, Kolkata. Unique features about this BBA include a week long entrepreneurship awareness camp in each semester , a fully developed entrepreneurship development cell with pan India networks, management labs where you learn how to solve real world problems via live projects, industry interface seminars  through projects, seminars etc.


So if you are determined to embark on an exciting corporate career then a BBA from a reputed institution like Brainware University can be the perfect launchpad to a rewarding corporate career.


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