Huge Job Prospects : In Dec 2017, Samsung India announced about a 1000 job openings in India for Computer Science Engineering graduates. In this era of widespread digitization, and the predominance of Internet of Things, the demand for competent computer engineers is increasing by leaps and bounds. The IT industry is one of the biggest industries of India. The GOI ( Government of India), Ministry of Electronics & IT, reported in 2017, that IT employment prospects in India are ‘’robust and promising’’ in the coming future. According to GOI, till date the IT sector comprises of 2/3rds of Fortune 500 companies and created 40 lakh direct jobs in India till date. NASSCOM reports that about 2.5-3 million IT jobs will be created by 2025 in India. So as we can see the employment prospects in the IT sector is huge.


Better Chance at High Paying Job : STEM, or subjects such as Statistics, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics have always been considered lucrative everywhere and India is no different. Studying STEM or in this case computer engineering really does boos career prospects in the long run. According to websites such as Payscale a median salary of a computer engineering pass out starts from 4.5 lakhs per annum. With enough experience and knowledge and deftness in programming languages such as C++ one can earn from 10-27 lakhs per annum!.


Easier Course Load : Compared to other branches of engineering, CS or Computer Science engineering is much more simple and the workload is lighter than other branches of engineering such as electronics and electrical. It’s also much more easier for an IT graduate to land up at the MNCs as they need only master one programming language and have a reasonable GPA. Many mass recruiters such as TCS and Infosys therefore recruit these graduates.


Flexible and Versatile Job Prospects : If you are a CS Engineering graduate, IT or Information technology jobs are not the only jobs you are eligible for. Computer skills are very valuable asset and a transferable one which you can apply to a large variety of job and your inclinations. For example if you are a computer engineering graduate with a creative bent of mind you can make a career in web development and graphic designing. Other jobs like systems engineering and security/maintenance, software development and testing etc are also open to computer engineers.


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