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Are you interested in Multimedia degree courses in Kolkata? Then you have landed yourself on the correct blog. If you have just finished your Bachelor’s in Multimedia and Web and would like to go for a Master’s, then we can help you with some useful information. People may tell you that there are numerous institutes in Kolkata that offer Multimedia courses. But here’s the catch, most institutes that you look up will only offer you part time diploma courses. If you are looking for higher studies in this field, then your options are very limited indeed.

Multimedia course fees in Kolkata is also a factor. There is no better place to do your Master’s in Multimedia from than St Xavier’s. Everything about the College and the course is excellent. But have you considered the course fees? With the course being a 5 years integrated course, the fee is going to pile up too. St Xavier’s is known for many things, but affordable course fee is not one of them. Another place from which you can pursue this course is Jadavpur University.

Jadavpur University probably provides the best Multimedia course in Kolkata. The course fee will also be considerably less. But Jadavpur University is the place that everyone tries for. The University is so much in demand that sometimes even the best of the best do not make it in, are you good enough? This question is not to de-motivate you, it’s just to put the facts in the light for you. So you need affordability and a good course, where do you go? One option is turning to the private colleges and Universities. Do not believe people when they tell you that these colleges and Universities are not good enough.

In fact, some of these private institutions are offering facilities that even the well-known government colleges are not offering. One good private and top ranked University you can look at for an M.A in Multimedia and Web is Brainware University. Not only is their course mapped by industry experts and of top quality, but the course fee will not pinch the daylights out of your pocket. Top notch sketching and drawing labs, an erudite faculty, a vibrant campus life, regular workshops by industry experts, all these things are a given. What’s more is that they provide pre-placement training and placement assistance too.

This is a University that is worth checking out. So get on the internet now and start your research. Best of luck!