Career options after BBA

Evolution of AI and ML

Finished your Bachelor’s in Business Management  and now wondering what to do? Read on!

As we have mentioned before, just doing a graduation is not enough anymore. In order to make yourself more employable you need to invest in some quality certifications. Certifications boost your employability, and add to your resume. Here’s a list of a few lucrative certifications you can take up after your BBA :

  • Actuarial Science :  If you have a strong background in math and statistics, and actuarial science can be a good choice for you. If you love to predict financial trends, love number crunching then this can be a viable option.
  • Certificate in Accounting & Compliance : This certificate can help you gain knowledge in fields like Taxation, Accounting, Finance Reporting, Compliance etc.
  • Chartered Accountant : We need hardly say, how lucrative this particular qualification can be for you. Chartered accountants help people with preparing financial reports, and documents, reviewing potential financial risks etc.
  • CMA : Chartered Management accountant. This also is a good way of getting a good job, Chartered Management Accountants provide important financial decisions in order to maintain the financial health of an organization. The responsibilities of CMAs include preparing reports, budgets, financial statements, undertaking audits, liaising with managerial staffs, forecasting income and expenditure reports etc.

In order to secure a well paid future, one has to boost one’s resume with relevant work experience and certifications.