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Today we will discuss the several benefits you can reap of learning the Tally software. If you are an accountant or want to work as an accountant, or if you want to make a career in the finance domain, Tally is a great skill to have in your kitty. Specializing in Tally will enable you to become skilled in many finance related functions all at once, like basic accounting  job costing, manage payrolls, forecast daily financial reports, create and maintain budgets, calculate interests, etc. Be it professional purpose or managing day to day activities like filing tax returns, Tally can be your best friend . Now we will provide in brief some reasons why you should go for the Tally course


:If you are in an Accounting or Finance related degree, the Tally is a valuable skill you should master. Most firms already use Tally ERP, and becoming cognizant in Tally would significantly boost their knowledge in Accounting, Inventory, Management and Taxation. So needless to say once you master Tally, your employment prospects would brighten. You can also learn the ERP ( Enterprise Resource Planning) version of Tally which can make you management accountant of a startup. In India, Tally is the most common software for bookkeeping and accounting for small and mid sized firms.


You also become more self sufficient. The Tally has several modules through which you can record and maintain your purchase and sale to a client. So even if you are in the marketing business, Tally knowledge is useful. The Tally ERP has multiple features like  Accounting, Finance, Inventory, Sales, Purchase, Costing, Manufacturing, Branch Management etc. Literally several major aspects of a business is covered by Tally.


So if you are a BCom, MCom graduate, a fresh CA or a young finance professional who wants to stay ahead by mastering accounting software like Tally then sign up for the FA Expert ( Computerized Financial Accounting) course by Brainware University, Kolkata? Launched in 1991, more than 40,000 students have been trained in this course and have went on to become established professionals in finance, banking, insurance, stock market sector. You will be taught everything from accounting basics, fundamentals of company law, how to handle business data to finanacial planning. So if you are a someone who is planning for a finance, banking career, FA couse is the perfect affordable course for you!