Learn Autocad


Reasons Why CAD Designing will SkyRocket Your Architectural/Industrial Design Career

Today we will discuss why you give learning autocad, ( a part of CAD Designing)  a try. Whether you are an engineer, an architect, or an interior designer,  Autocad is a skill you should have in your kitty. AutoCad is a state of art technology used in 2D ( two dimensional) and 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design)  and drafting process. Autocad is a versatile technology that should be learnt by anyone who has a technical knack and a creative bent of mind.


Mechanical, petroleum and Communication engineers  for building models, designing and analysis, quality assurance and control. Autocad is used for sketching several design projects as well.  Autocad is popular with architects for drafting design prototypes, creating building designs etc. Industrial designers ( those who are in charge of creating products that are consumer friendly) also extensively use this technology to produce realistic prototype of these products. So without any further ado, we will discuss how and why you should totally go for AutoCad.


High Possibility of 6 Figure salary : Mastering CAD designing and technologies such as the AutoCad will secure you that lucrative 6 figure job. This is because the ability to draft architectural plans and design engineering models are much desired skill in the technical industry. Industrial designers who are adept as Auto Cad can earn upto 46 lakhs per annum!


Make a Fortune,  In Products/Consumer Goods Industry: CAD Designing has huge potential in this industry. Basically you will have to create and design virtual products so that the customers can make personalized choices. The more resemblance your virtual model has to the actual product, the better. You can land up a dream job at Ikea, like furniture arrangement software developer and help customers choose the perfect furniture from the inventory. You will be able to design virtual furnitures and also virtual living space and show how a particular furniture would appear.



Break into the Additive Manufacturing Industry : If you specialize in 3D printing then you can make big bucks in the manufacturing industry. You can develop models/prototypes for printing objects.


Become More Versatile : Mastering CAD Designing ( which includes AutoCad) will enable you to work in multiple responsibilities like engineer, project manager (PMP) , interior designing, architecture, manufacturing etc.


CAD Designing is therefore a highly lucrative skill to have under your belt. You will be able to work in several industries and take on more responsibilities than your peers who are not adept at CAD designing. If you want to learn CAD design why not sign up for Advanced Multimedia & Web Course offered by Brainware University, Kolkata? This course will not just teach you CAD design but 3D, Animation, Video Editing and several other exciting and highly demanded skills.