career options for civil engineering

Why Civil Engineering is a Major To Die For

Civil Engineering is one of the oldest and evergreen branches of engineering.Civil engineers basically deal with design, construction and maintenance of infrastructure like rails, roads, canals, dams, etc If you have a passion to create huge building and other infrastructures to make something concrete out of nothing then civil engineering can be a good option for you. Let us share a few points below as to why civil engineering totally rocks as a major.


Huge Prospects : According to the IBEF ( India Brand Equity Foundation) infrastructure industry saw a wide growth in 2017. The construction industry ( which is one of the chief employers of civil engineering graduates) grew by about 9.8% The Govt of India or GOI has planned on expanding other infrastructure in the coming years. For example roads and highways will be expanded to cover 50,000 km by 2019. So as you can see the demand for competent civil engineers will remain higher than ever.


Great Salary Prospects ; According to trusted websites such as, Civil Engineering freshers can look forward to earning about 325, 204 INR per year. With requisite experience and certifications such as PMP ( Project Management) Engineering Design you can earn as much as 17 lakhs per annum!


Wide Career Options : Construction is not the only option for Civil Engineers. You can also look forward to work in several fields like nuclear engineering, engineering geologist, structural and water engineering,  etc.


Civil Engineering Brings Science and Creativity Together ; Civil engineering is actually perfect for students who have artistic skills as well as technical bent of mind, because to study civil engineering you need a thorough knowledge of trigonometry and maths as well as drawing ( in linear perspective) .


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