How an MBA degree can help in your career

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The IT industry in India is an unpredictable sector so far as jobs are concerned. While there’s mass recruitment – for thousands of graduates who meet a certain percentage cut off throughout their academic career, the attrition rate is also high. There’s also mass layoff of numerous IT professionals.

The only way to protect yourself from receiving the pink slip or getting laid off, is to upgrade your skills or diversify your skills. One good way to accomplish that is to get an MBA or a Masters in Business Administration.


An MBA is a professional course which teaches the fundamentals of running a business. MBA is a cross disciplinary course which teaches you about the basics of a business – finance, marketing, operations and human resources. A quality MBA can be an asset to one’s career as it leads one to become more versatile and resourceful. MBA is desirable for engineers as it equips then with necessary business skills as well as people skills. With a quality MBA you can learn how to manage not just machines but people. Below we give just a few reasons as to why an MBA is desirable for most engineers.


Great Prospects : Every business regardless of its scale needs competent managers to manage the resources of the company and enhance the profits of the firm. According to reports of the KPMG 3 million business management professionals are needed by 2020. So an MBA after a few years of relevant work experience can become a huge asset to engineers and IT professionals.


Broadening of Expertise : One key tip of rising in IT career is to develop interdisciplinary or cross sectional skills. Most IT professionals have decent to great IT skills but mere technical skills cannot guarantee a great career as in reality you work not just with machines but with people as well. An MBA helps IT professionals become more business savvy – to know not just about creating products but how to market them, how to create them within the company budget, how to make the perfect product for the niche consumer and sell them . Engineering is all about making the objects but management is earning a profit from said objects. An MBA equips engineers with diverse skills like people management, leadership, financial acumen, budgeting etc  and in the long run this leads to them growing as a professional.


Great Networking Prospects : Another reason why MBA is so popular – it gives the graduates great opportunities to network with industry professionals through numerous industry interfaces. The graduates can build up invaluable connections over the course of their MBA and this can lead to them enhancing career prospects.


Building Leadership Acumen : One of the greatest asset of an MBA is that it helps you to build up leadership acumen or aptitude. Through numerous group projects, presentations , team work and other activities, MBA teaches you the basics of leading a team and people – which is mostly what a manager is supposed to do.


Career Fast-track : Most engineers aim at reaching management positions as most mid level and senior executive positions are to be found at management level. An MBA can fast track your management goals.


Opportunity To Specialize : Most MBA’s  ( 2 year programs) help you specialize in a particular field such as human resource, finance, marketing, operation etc in the final year. This way you can soon get into the career you want.


So as you can see an MBA can be beneficial to you and help you grow professionally.  If you seek a quality MBA in West Bengal that is affordable as well you can consider the MBA program offered by Brainware University, This one of a kind MBA offers many benefits such as a fully functional entrepreneurship cell with networks throughout India, for budding entrepreneurs, state of the art management labs where you get to learn to solve real world business problems via live case studies,  and industry interfaces where you get to interact with industry leaders and veterans and build up invaluable networks. Brainware University MBA program hones you into the perfect management professional with optimum management as well as soft skills.