Technology has changed the way businesses are operating nowadays. It has made our live much simpler and also convenient. If there has been a proliferation of devices, platforms, frameworks, and networks to select, businesses have a flurry of technologies to implement in order to provide the best customer experience. These technologies include Blockchain, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Internet of Things, and Cloud Computing to name a few.

On the other hand, if Information Technology has made the world a global village and facilitated the interchange of information through a range of device platforms, it has also brought with it the spectre of cyber security issues as well. According to statistics, the worldwide spending on tackling cyber security issues is expected to reach $96 billion by the end of 2018 (Source: Gartner.)

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Cyber criminals are trying hard to penetrate the world of information technology. The threats are more obvious when there are new viruses and malware discovered every day.  Here are few ways to avoid the cybercrime of today.

Avoid writing password on paper

No matter how much work you have to do at work, make sure you keep your passwords secure. It won’t be a good idea to write down your passwords on a piece of paper like a sticky note and then put it somewhere where everyone can see it. This approach will compromise your personal data quickly than you can imagine. Try a password manager instead.

Avoid Using Public Wi-Fi

Irrespective of the type of industry you are in, probably you have to do some work when you are away from your office in the market. Today, everyone needs to stay connected to the Internet through Wi-Fi at all times, but public Wi-Fi can’t be a safe choice here.

If you are going to use a public Wi-Fi, make sure you use the VPN offered by your company before making an important financial transaction.

Avoid Using Unknown USB drives

People drop things, especially things that are small in size. You may have come across something lying on the ground, such as a USB drive. What would you do to it? Like most people, you will be tempted to make use of it.

Unfortunately, according to research studies, most people who come across USB drivers connect them to their computers to see what’s on them, which is a big mistake. You don’t know what is stored on them. It could be a virus or malware that may damage your office computer or steal your sensitive data. Therefore, it’s better to avoid using such devices.

Avoid phishing traps

Often criminals access corporate networks through a phishing trap. It’s important to keep in mind that no company whether small or large is immune to these frauds. It can happen to any of us.

You may think you are safe, but know that your data may be stolen. Criminals are always on the lookout of an opportunity to achieve their purpose. They may steal your data and sell it on the dark web.