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Want a Finance degree? Check out your career options

Want a Finance degree? Check out your career options

Want a Finance degree? Check out your career options

Want a Finance degree? Check out your career options

Choosing the right path after class 12 board exams is very important to secure a successful career. Nowadays, there are a number of career options in the field of Finance. The role of finance is central to carrying out the development and growth activities in an economy. Hence, if  one wishes to pursue a career in this field then he or she has bright prospects. 

Finance Degree: Top colleges for Commerce and Management

One can take admission in the fields of Commerce and Management and can pursue higher studies in these fields to pursue a career in Finance. There are a number of Management and Commerce colleges in Kolkata where one can seek admission. These colleges include: 

  1. St. Xavier’s University, Kolkata
  2. Sister Nivedita University
  3. Amity University
  4. Brainware University
  5. Adamas University
  6. Techno India University

Finance Degree: Specialised courses

The above-mentioned colleges offer B.Com and M.Com courses. Furthermore, BBA and MBA courses are also offered by these institutes. Specialised BBA and MBA programmes are also offered by these colleges. 

Finance Degree: Career options

There are a number of career options that one can pursue in the field of finance. These are as follows: 

  1. Investment Banking – One needs a finance degree in order to be an investment banker. However, an MBA degree with a specialisation in Finance is the common degree among the investment bankers. 
  2. Public Accountant – In order to become a Public Accountant, one needs a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce or Business Administration with a specialisation in Accounting. One must note that public accounting includes a number of services for businesses as well as private entities. 
  3. Portfolio Manager – One can become a Portfolio Manager in India by pursuing finance-related disciplines like Economics, Accountancy, MBA. The job of a Portfolio Manager is to look at the overall status of the investments made by a client or company.  
  4. Financial Planner – With an MBA degree, one can seek employment as a Financial Planner. In this case, one has to concentrate on a specific area like wealth management, tax planning, retirement planning, investment growth etc. 
  5. Commercial Banking – At present, big players like ICICI Bank, Axis Bank and others are exploring opportunities in emerging tech. An MBA in Digital Marketing can be an asset for such company. 

Finance Degree: Placement scenario

The campus recruitment record in selection of college after class 12 is plays an important role. In this regard, Brainware University has an unbeatable placement record. The university recorded 98% placement in 2021. In the current 2022 academic session, placement is going on in full session. Already, more than 500 students have been placed. 

Brainware offers B.Com (H) in Banking and Finance. Furthermore, it also offers BBA, BBA in Digital Marketing and MBA courses at a very reasonable fee structure in comparison to other institutes. These courses groom the students towards having a successful career in the Finance sector. 

The university also conducts pre-placement training from day one. It organises frequent boot camps to enhance the communication skills of the students so that they can crack corporate interviews. 


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