Data science career opportunities
Data science is a process of converting data into insights. The insights in turn help an organisation make better decisions,  improve efficiency, optimise operations, understand consumer behaviour, take corrective actions and strategies for the future

Data science is a process of converting data into insights. The insights in turn help an organisation make better decisions,  improve efficiency, optimise operations, understand consumer behaviour, take corrective actions and strategies for the future.This is one of the reasons why data science graduates are in demand. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many industries were negatively impacted. However, data science jobs remained immune to the effects of the pandemic. If you are planning to pursue a career in data science and looking for data science colleges in Kolkata, here are some useful insights: 

  1. Areas you need to master:
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): It deals with building intelligent machines that work and react like humans. AI is an interdisciplinary field that combines mathematics, psychology, and engineering elements.
  • Image Processing: It is a process of transforming an image completely into digital form and performing certain  operations to attain useful information from it.
  • Machine Learning: It is a branch of computer science and artificial intelligence that focuses on the use of algorithms and data to imitate the way that humans learn
  • Data Warehouse & Data Mining: Data warehousing is a process of compiling and organising data into a single database, whereas data mining deals with fetching vital data from the databases.
  • Business Intelligence: It refers to the technical and procedural infrastructure that stores, collects, and analyses the data produced by an organisation’s activities.
  • Information retrieval (IR): It is the process of retrieving information from a data source, such as a database or document collection. There are two main types of IR systems: Boolean retrieval and ranked retrieval.
  • Big Data Analytics: It is the use of the latest analytic techniques against the data sets that consist of unstructured, semi-structured and structured data, from multiple sources and of various sizes.
  • Distributed Database Management System: It is known to be a centralised software that can manage a distributed database as if it were all stored in one location.
  • Blockchain: It is a distributed database that can be used to share among the computer network nodes. Moreover, it stores the information electronically in the digital format.
  • Applied Statistics: It is the application of statistical methods to real-world problems. In other words, it is the use of statistical techniques to analyse data and draw conclusions about the world around us.
  1. Job Opportunities

There is no doubt that data science is one of the hottest jobs in the tech industry right now. Companies are desperate to hire talented data scientists to help them make sense of the ever-growing mountains of data being generated every day.

The demand for data scientists has been growing so rapidly that it’s often said there are more jobs than there are qualified candidates to fill them. This is good news for job seekers with the right skills and experience.

However, landing a data science job can be a challenge. The competition is fierce, and most companies require at least a few years of experience.

If you’re looking for a data science job, the first step is to pursue a relevant course such as BTech Data Science from a reputed college.  It’s advisable to start networking and applying to companies that are a good fit for your skillset before the course ends. With the right preparation, you’ll be well on your way to landing your dream data science job.

Mentioned below are a few job opportunities for people who finish BTech Data Science: 

Data Scientist: A data scientist is a professional responsible for analysing and interpreting data. They use their skills to identify trends and patterns and make predictions about future events. Data scientists typically work in fields such as business, finance, healthcare and government.

Machine Learning Engineer: The role of a machine learning engineer is to develop and improve algorithms that enable computers to learn from data.

Machine Learning Scientist: The role of machine learning scientists is to develop new ways to use artificial intelligence (AI) to automate tasks.

Applications Architect: The application architects play a critical role in the software development process. They are responsible for ensuring that the application meets all technical requirements and is able to integrate with other systems.

Enterprise Architect: The enterprise architect is a corporate title for the business leader responsible for developing and maintaining a holistic view of the organisation’s strategy, processes, information and technology assets.

Data Architect: The role of a data architect has become increasingly important in recent years as organisations have come to realise the value of their data assets.

Infrastructure Architect: The Infrastructure Architect is responsible for the design and implementation of the physical and logical infrastructure necessary to support the enterprise’s business applications.

Data Engineer: The role of a data engineer is to design, build, and maintain the systems that enable an organisation to turn data into insights.

Business Intelligence Developer: The Business Intelligence Developer is responsible for the development and implementation of business intelligence solutions.

Statistician: The role of statisticians is to develop and apply methods to collect, analyse, interpret, and present data.

Data Analyst: The role of data analysts has become increasingly important in recent years as businesses strive to make better use of the vast amounts of data they generate.

  1. Some interesting areas where data science has been used:
  • Improving the accuracy of weather forecasts.
  • Developing more efficient algorithms for search engines.
  • Creating more realistic virtual environments for video games.
  • Analysing and predicting consumer behaviour.
  • Improving the accuracy of medical diagnosis.
  • Developing more effective treatments for diseases.
  • Improving the efficiency of supply chain management.
  • Creating more personalised user experiences on websites and apps.
  • Detecting fraudulent activity.

Other areas where data science is used  include internet search, recommender systems, digital advertisements, image recognition and speech recognition.

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