pre placement

One of the most important day of any student is the placement day – when they get placed in companies & firms that visit their campus. In a way, students make a transition from being students to professionals during placement day. Therefore placement day assumes a special significance for students all around the world, in every campus.

However don’t think that your Grad GPA alone will make or break your entry into the hallowed portals of renowned firms, (although your undergrad GPA is quite essential in your early career) . In many good engineering colleges and B Schools there are pre placement cells which train prospective candidates invaluable soft skills such as English speaking skills, basic communication skills, presentation skills (including tips and instructions on how to give demonstrations using PPT or Power Point Presentation, HR skills, time management skills etc)

Therefore before you land a lucrative job, an intensive training in soft skills is absolutely mandatory otherwise you run the risk of goofing up or committing a faux pas during interviews and giving off a negative or unprofessional vibe Which is why interview etiquette is one of the major soft skills  that are taught. Brainware Engineering College & Brainware Business School also believes in training its prospective engineers, and business grads in all the necessary soft skills in order to survive and thrive in the corporate world.

pre placement

Brainware Engineering College has a state of the art Soft Skills Training Dept, which teaches prospective candidates about the vital soft skills that are necessary for them if they plan for long innings in the corporate world. Below we are providing a list of soft skills we provide, and a brief insight on the details :

  • English Grammar : Fluency in spoken English is nowadays a non negotiable soft skill for most firms. Most companies operate on a national or international basis nowadays and good verbal skills in English is a must for employees, especially if they are in a job, that involves much public interaction – describing a product/service or project to many people at large.

So if you are a candidate who is not much comfortable in English, it can harm your competence/efficiency level. Here at Brainware Placement Training Cell a highly experienced faculty will help you develop formidable English speaking skills through  regular debates, extempore, speech exercises etc. According to experts, the more you speak in a particular language, the more articulate you become in that language. So the faculty ensures that you participate in as many speech exercises as possible.

  • Aptitude Building : Most of the renowned firms, or the recruitment agencies take several assessment tests/aptitude tests for shortlisting candidates for personal interviews. Aptitude is basically your ability to solve a problem creatively, your ability to analyze data etc. Although not exactly a rocket science, many candidates fail during the aptitude building interview as they have not brushed up their aptitude skills properly.

Aptitude tests become even more significant if you are from engineering background, as the IT firms wants engineers who has maximum problem solving potential. Brainware offers extensive aptitude building training, where you can brush up your pie chart solving skills, percentage basics, pattern recognition etc.

  • Group Discussions : These days, a great many interviews are conducted through group discussion. Here more than one candidate are called before the interviewing panel and they face a wide variety of questions simultaneously. Performance in GD depends on your ability to think on your feet, and your grasp on current affairs,
  • CV Writing Skills : Your resume is a summation of your achievements, skills, education background etc,. Most of the resumes are piled up on the HR desks and unless you make your CV stand out, they will most probably gain just a cursory glance and trashed into the bin. The Brainware Placement Cell will teach you how to make your CV more attractive and striking ( and of course relevant to the position you are vying for) during the pre placement training, which begins from day one.
  • HR Skills : If you are keen on having HR or Human Resource Management as a job, then being familiar with some very relevant HR Skills like Interviewing skills, Recruitment skills, bring you updated with the latest HR software.