Different Types Of Manager & How To Manage Them Smoothly

Bad managers

Admit it or not, a huge chunk of your professional success depends on your manager! Professional growth, promotion etc becomes a cakewalk if you are on good terms with your manager. The manager’s personal recommendations matter a lot when it comes to your promotion, as the owners of the company, the board of directors etc will refer to the personal recommendation of your manager. Your manager can become a stepping stone or the chief obstacle to promotion. In this article, we will teach the greatest management tactic – how to manage your manager! In every social and career solution websites you see a large number of employees complaining about issues they are having with managers .

Either they are having some communication problems where both the manager and the team member is talking at cross purposes, or the manager is being overbearing ( another common complaint), or the manager refusing to delegate responsibilities,or the manager everybody fears – the one who doesn’t give you credit and makes you work extra hours without pay! So without any further delay, we will describe different types of managers and how to handle each of them .

The Perfectionist : While this manager can be helpful in helping you execute your job perfectly and help you up the performance benchmark everyday, Mr./Ms Perfectionist can slowly become a nightmare to work with. You gradually come to realize that nothing you ever do satisfies your manager. All your reports, your projects are always returned with more and more inputs to do it ‘’right’’ and all your bright ideas are shot down without a thought.

How to deal with Mr Hypercritical Perfectionist : Try not to take it personally. Although you will probably feel depressed and horrible when your reports and projects are dissected and dissed apart blatantly, try to keep in mind that this is not a personal attack. Your manager is probably not behaving in this irrational manner towards you specifically, he just has unbelievably high standards from everybody, including himself. If possible ask for his inputs every step of the way, and try to stick to what his plan without taking big creative liberties.

The Control Freak : One of the ‘’nightmare’’ managers every employee dreads of having. This person is indeed an extremely difficult person to work with. Control freak managers can come in two categories. One is the Information Miser. He is extremely stingy with information. He will give you a project, give you the deadline, but will withhold helpful data/be vague with the details. He sees information as a source of power one which will keep you dependant on him ( and he can claim the lion’s share of credit for the project) another is the Micromanager. This guy drives his subordinates nuts. He refuses to delegate, refuses any kind of creative autonomy, literally breathes down your neck, quick to point out faults and super slow to dole out credit.

How To Manage The Control Freak : Bombard him with updates. From font change, to new graphics to minor change in marketing plans, keep him informed. Seek his help as often as possible. Try to turn him into a mentor and guide.

The Dictator AKA The Monster Manager Everybody Loves To Hate. This manager is straight out of your worst nightmare. There is only one project he’s concerned with : ‘’Himself’’. While the words team playing and cooperation might always be on his lips, be assured, the only team he’s batting for is himself. He seeks to get promoted at any cost and will not hesitate using your ideas as his . Like the Control Freak he will refuse to delegate responsibilities to you ( fear of losing credit/spotlight), and will be unwilling to appreciate your efforts, or admit his mistakes. Like the Hypercritical Boss, he will not hesitate to tear down your ideas, and might even do it in a boardroom meeting, to make you look even more incompetent. He will also claim that he’s the most hard working individual in the firm, rest are good for nothing layoffs. The Autocrat Manager at heart is a deeply insecure individual and you have to be cautious if you are working with him.

How To Handle Dictator Manager : There’s only one objective the Dictator sees, his own progress and success, he most probably has a long term goal of getting promoted to VP position. Try to ally your goals with his. Help him achieve his aspirations and you will most likely be promoted along with him. Avoid direct confrontation with him. If you have creative differences, try to put them as suggestions.

The Charismatic Manager AKA The Politician : On the outside it appears that he’s a dream to work for. He is ever smiling, polite, never loses his cool, makes all his subordinates laugh etc. He may be a genuinely nice person, you never know. Or maybe he is a strategic genius who can sweet talk to you and try to make you work overtime, handle responsibilities beyond your designation. He will be full of excuses like how you are so trustworthy, dependable, so passionate about your job, how you should be glad about being given more responsibilities etc.

How To Deal With The Politician : Be sweet and charming right back. But also clearly state your job responsibilities, delineate them in concrete terms.

Before you learn to manage schedules, deadlines and team members and projects, learn how to manage your manager. Your career will be a much smoother ride!