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Degree in Hardware & Networking

The demand for Hardware and Networking experts is at a boom nowadays, as they always is and will be the necessity in every IT and non-IT based industry, and in various government agencies as well. In every homes and offices PCs are single to multiple in numbers, and wherever there is a system and network working, the repairing and maintenance professionals would be in demand from this domain. While the core job sectors of the Hardware and Networking domain are – System Administration, Network Administration, System Management, IT Support, PC Maintenance, Field jobs in Installation, Business Executives, etc., there are some newly developed job sectors as well, as in the BPOs – for Online Hardware Support to the world citizens.

More recently, researches and job sectors have developed and are still doing so in the fields of –

  • Troubleshooting, in cases of electronic hazards faced in Cloud Computing, more specifically in Green Cloud Computing.
  • Cloud Security implementation in Cloud Computing.
  • Fault-Tolerance – related to securing of Data from losses.
  • Centralized Data Security; Database Security.
  • Restraining Data Hacking through innovations in newer Algorithms
  • Stressing on Mail Server Security, etc.


It is therefore the need of the day to produce good technicians and experts in the field. And keeping in mind of such a need the Brainware University in Kolkata has developed its curriculum to suit the International Certification Examinations of Microsoft, CISCO and Red Hat in its 3 years full-time B.Sc (H) and 2 years full-time M.Sc courses in Hardware and Networking. Also its most modern laboratories include the very rare PC Hardware Trainer Kit, the Dell Rack Server, Xen Server, Firewall, CISCO Routers and Switches, to best suit the students’ need for studying the latest.

The University provides super class in-campus facilities, a clean and green peaceful environment congenial for living and studying, very cooperative teachers and staffs, Hobby-clubs, English Communication club, Tech Fest and Cultural Fests, numerous workshops and Seminars, internships and live projects, only to mention a few.