Importance of Mathematics for Engineers

Mathematics is the music of reason.

    ~ James Joseph Sylvester


Human beings were not that much aware of fire until they understood its importance for their daily life. Somehow the same logic is applicable for engineers; without proper understanding or knowledge of Mathematics engineers can not make heads or tails of it. Mathematics is the backbone of engineering. Indeed it is not surprising that Mathematics has flourished day by day with all its aspects. Man has continued to grow and the era of modern technology is here. All thanks to engineering maths.

Importance of Mathematics for Engineers

Mathematics can offer proper structure to the engineering discipline on which they can develop their modern tools or build their dream technologies. For example- Computer Science or IT people develop their software tools or attain hardware configuration by the help of Mathematics. It is indeed a mathematical calculation that drives an entire theoretical process. An Electrical or Electronics professional may want to develop a new circuit. However, without proper calculation or Mathematics it is not possible to do so. Engineering Mathematics is not only used for developing new weapons in defence, but also has an important contribution in the field of space research or Aeronautics Engineering. Apart from the knowledge prospect, psychologists have already proven the fact that it can develop the socialist mentality and analysing power of a student.

Well, it is not always true that Mathematics only creates; it may also lead to big-big blunders such as The Great Depression 1930” which is in fact one of the major causes behind  the “World War II”.

So, from all the above discussion it is quite clear that Mathematics is tan indispensable part of an engineers’ life. In fact one may say that Mathematics is ‘too hot to handle and too cold to hold’.

N.B. –

Engineering + Maths= EVERYTHING

Engineering-Maths= NOTHING