What is Biotechnology?

Simply said, biotechnology is the use of technology to the development or production of various products using biological systems, living beings, or components thereof.

Modern biotechnology’s five branches—human, environmental, industrial, animal, and plant—help us battle hunger and disease, create goods more safely, cleanly, and effectively, lessen our impact on the environment, and conserve energy. In recent years, this industry has seen exponential growth in both investment and employment. India is one of the top 12 biotechnology destinations in the world, and the third largest in Asia Pacific. By 2022, India’s biotechnology industry will have surpassed US$80.12 billion, up 14% from the previous year.


BSc Biotechnology Vs BTech Biotechnology


The course of B.Sc Biotechnology is of 3 years while that of B Tech Biotechnology lasts 4 years. 

Biological science and engineering are both covered in B.Tech degrees in biotechnology. Students will study life sciences such as Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Genetics, Cell Biology, and engineering disciplines such as Bioprocess Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, Thermodynamics, Mass Transfer, and others in the B.Tech program.

In contrast, a BSc degree focuses on biological sciences aspects of Biotechnology. Aside from industrial processes, there will be a strong emphasis on research and development in biological sciences fields such as Biochemistry, Plant and Animal Biotechnology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, and Microbial Genetics. BSc Biotech duration is 3 years. 

There is no such thing as a B.Tech that is superior to a BSc or vice versa. B.Sc Biotechnology is pure science while B.Tech Biotech course is Technology oriented. In B.Tech, the application of what is learned is prioritized, whereas in B.Sc biotechnology, the theoretical component is prioritized. Students must select a course that aligns with their long-term objectives.


What are the available jobs for freshers after Bsc biotechnology in India?

  1. Lab Technician
  2. Microbiologist
  3. Biostatistician
  4. Epidemiologist
  5. Biochemist
  6. Clinical Research Associate
  7. Medical Transcriptionist
  8. Medical Representative
  9. Medical Writer
  10. Biotechnology Instructor
  11. Food safety officer


Why choose a Biotechnology career?

A career in biotechnology allows you to work in one of the most innovative fields available. Research and development in important scientific fields like genetics, biochemistry, biology, agriculture, environmental protection, medicine, and others are greatly aided by biotechnologists. If you enjoy science and mathematics, a career in biotechnology may allow you to contribute to cutting-edge products and new technologies that improve people’s lives. As a result, if you’re looking for a list of the top biotechnology colleges in Kolkata, we might be able to help. Jadavpur University and Calcutta University are two prestigious schools in Kolkata that offer a B.Sc. in Biotechnology. Also, Brainware University – one of the best private universities in Kolkata  is providing this course. Although this university is new to offering the course, the quality of education provided by the Brainware University biotechnology faculty is comparable to that of the other universities mentioned. Because of its recent relevance, this field now has enormous commercial potential.