hardware networking courses, career in hardware networking

Career in Computer Hardware and Networking

If you have a love for computers, a good head for numbers then a career in hardware and networking can be a great option for you. With a BSc/MSc in Hardware & Networking, you can aim for quite a few lucrative jobs like systems engineer, designs engineer, project engineer, field service engineer, IT administrator, network administrator etc.

hardware networking courses, career in hardware networking


According to KPMG report the electronics and IT industry (the main employer of Hardware engineers) are slated to grow by 8.94 million by 2022, thereby generating more jobs.

According to PayScale, Hardware engineer can earn anything around 183,780 per year and Networking engineer/analyst can earn 294, 275 per year.

If you wish to embark on a rewarding career in Hardware and Networking in West Bengal then enrolling in one of the best hardware and networking institute in Kolkata can be a good option for you.  Among the many unique features of this course, includes certifications from Cisco and RedHat, numerous live projects that help students get trained in latest industry specific tools like Windows/Linux server management, Cyber Security, Database Administration etc. Your soft skills will also be honed through language labs operated by experienced soft skills professionals and you will be provided 100 pre placement training and placement assistance.