Career Prospects of B Pharm Graduates

B Pharm or Bachelors in Pharmacy is one of many post higher secondary science based courses taken up by students who are interested in medicine and science, but do not want to go down the pre med or pure science/engineering route.

B Pharm can be a good option for those who want to work in pharmaceutical industries or allied industries like healthcare in future. Here we are listing some government as well as private ( non government) jobs .


Jobs in Govt sector :  After completing Bachelors in Pharmacy, you can apply for Govt jobs like Drug Inspector ( have to appear for SSC and UPSC for this job) . After the initial exam, selection is done on basis of 10/12th marks and UG marks. Salary extends from 55K-65K per month.

Pharmacist : State and Government hospitals recruit, capable and competent pharmacy graduates . So you can get recruited at govt hospitals like ESIC, AIIMS etc. To be eligible you need a degree in pharmacy and also need to get registered on Pharmacist Council of your state. Two years work experience in dispensing is necessary.


In private sector :

If you have good marks and have done some quality internships during your undergrad, then you can get hired by some top notch private firms in pharmaceutical as well as health care sector like Lupin, Cipla, Sun Pharma, etc. As a B Pharm undergrad you can expected to be recruited to perform one f these roles –

Pharmaceutical Sales : This is a marketing role, where you will need to sell the name ( and reliability) of your brand. This requires not just a thorough knowledge of pharmaceuticals but also exemplary communication skills. You will first be serving as a trainee then proceed to becoming an assistant manager and finally regional manager or director of sales! Salary can vary between 18K-35K for freshers with incentives.

Operations & Quality Control : Many pharmaceutical companies employ B Pharm graduates as quality maintenance manager/compliance manager or operational manager to look after day to day activities and check the quality of formulations. With good performance you can be promoted to manufacturing chemist in a few years. Salary for freshers vary from 10-22K per month.

Regulatory jobs : Pharm companies often engage M Pharm degree holders as regulatory dossiers. Freshers get upto 18K per month.

Medical Underwriting : Though not among the traditional job options, for most pharmaceutical graduates, medical underwriting ( which consists of medical transcript writing, medical coder, medical insurance underwriter) can be a lucrative job. To be a competent medical underwriter, you will need a good knowledge of pharmacology, anatomy and medical terminologies. Salary for freshers can vary from 10K- 18K.

Pharmacist : If you are a registered pharmacist, then you can work at retail pharmacies as a pharmacist. Though this is not a very lucrative /high paying job – salary ranges from  10K -20K this can be a good way to gain experience and improve your candidature for govt jobs.

As you can see, there is no dearth of good jobs after you complete your B Pharm. Depending on your initiative , academics and dedication, sky is the limit, as far as career prospects are concerned.

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