There are innumerable skills that exist and are required for survival. We depend upon these skills and utilise them to interpret various situations, discuss matters and arrive at definite conclusions. Knowledge, talent, and wealth alone cannot make the winning combination. You need much more. Not only success but also one’s failure crucially depends upon the utilisation and the outcome of these intricate skills.

What exactly is it?

ATTITUDE. This eight-letter word makes difference- in the way things are done, presented and/or completed. It is the golden word that has the ability to change things and shape it the way it should be. Performance, success, and failure all depend upon one’s attitude. A person having the right attitude wins over impossible tasks. In fact, knowledge can only be productive if it is used with the right attitude at the right place, in the right way and amount, and to the right person. This attitude is the ultimate winning combination to overcome obstacles and create solutions.

Our life is surrounded by things over which we have very little control or sometimes no control at all. But positive attitude can help one steer through. One’s ability to control the uncontrollable has a great impact on one’s personality and thought process. This in turn grooms one to be a mature and calm person who is able to handle situations to derive the best possible results.

What determines happiness and success in life?

All of us want to be happy and successful. But the question is how to achieve it? Is it material or a state of mind? Is it the circumstances, the wealth, or the bloodline, which makes the difference? People react so differently to the same event! A pauper who is penniless can be very happy, while a wealthy person might be terribly unhappy. A person with the most expensive attire on might not appear pleasing. On the other hand, one’s simplicity and demeanour can attract attention. To dress according to occasion is important. But it is only ornamental. Attitude is the principal speaker. It can make or mar one’s personality.


How attitude functions?

Attitude is the way we look, comprehend, perceive and react to different situations .The positivity in us can light our way, while the negativity can darken our routes. What we choose determines our attitude. How one’s personality is going to shape up and sharpen depends on what attitude he /she carries. One’s attitude can become the asset of society, the family, the relations and the organization one is associated with. Nobody likes to fail but the wrong way in looking into a thing and the application of one’s behaviour in an unpleasant fashion can become liability.

The attitude in the wider aspect is the way we communicate to others, the way we listen to them, the way we use our nonverbals, the way we comprehend and the way we react to it. These personal traits construct and define our personality.


No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Eleanor Roosevelt

A right attitude changes the whole setup so as a wrong attitude does. It’s our attitude that determines the next set of action and how to be treated by the world, society, friends, family and so on. It is that ingredient with which a person can be competent and smart without a perfect attire, can make a difference without saying too much, cannot be left unnoticed even in a crowd, can appear strikingly pleasing and above all can create a positive vibe just by his/her presence.

The right attitude illuminates the eyes, bring outs more energy, encourages positivity and offers happiness. Our whole being brings in good will, happiness, and success. Our health is affected in a beneficial way and broadcasts balance physical and mental behaviour so that “We Will See The Invisible, Feel The Intangible And Achieve The Impossible“. We walk stout, our tone is more vibrant, and our body language shows the way we feel.