Should Engineers get an MBA?

Why should engineers look for MBA degree?



What do CEOs like Satya Nadella, Sunder Pichai all have in common? They are all engineers turned MBA graduates!


The combination Btech/Mtech is a deadly one and it does a lot to make your resume stand out from other engineers. For several reasons Engineering and MBA has become the hottest professional combination. Several engineers who have specialized in an MBA after their Btech/Mtech are able to grab lucrative jobs in MNCs, foreign banks and software giants.


One major reason  why this combination is so tempting that it helps engineers develop managerial skills. Technical skills and managerial/leadership skills are prized abilities in the corporate world and the engineer who has completed an MBA has both these qualities in spades. The engineer who can create software and business applications and can also market them is a powerhouse indeed.


So below we provide some top reasons why you should opt for an MBA after Btech :


Development of Soft Skills : Engineering teaches you a lot about theories, concepts, paradigms, probabilities etc and probably ways of applying them in real life. However engineering graduates however technically sound they are, are often not found employable by many companies as they lack corporate soft skills – like negotiation skills, organization skills, managerial skills etc. The engineer is typically a lone wolf who works with his tools, while an MBA graduate is one who knows how to teamwork, how to manage time schedules, job deadlines, colleagues as well as managers. Engineering teaches you how to work with tools at your disposal, whereas MBA teaches you how to work with people – namely colleagues and clients.


Development of Business Insights/Acumen : Often engineers are locked in the proverbial ivory tower, theorising and concerned with experiments. Mere technical skills does not help you bag a job, as companies are on the lookout for candidates that are not only proficient in latest technology but can also develop software in a cost effective way. An MBA equips you how to finish projects on time, within the budget. It teaches you the fundamentals of accounting, cost analysis etc.


Valuable Networking Opportunities : An MBA is not just sought for engineers who want to switch domains to finance/consulting. Many budding entrepreneurs with ideas of their own tech startup also enrol on MBA programs in order to create lasting business partnerships, through MBA they discover industry veterans, and investors who can fund their startup, professors who can provide invaluable insights and consulting, and fellow classmates who can become cofounders.
If you are an engineer eager to fastrack your career join an MBA programme without further ado.