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It’s never been a better time to be a network administrator. Or a systems engineer. Or a hardware design engineer. IT or Information Technology ( one of the major employers of Hardware & Networking graduates) has been at its peak in India for more than a decade and going by the reports of the Ministry of Electronics & IT ( Govt of India) the IT sector will continue to rule the roost when it comes to the employment sector of the company and the demand for competent hardware and networking professionals is here to stay.

Working in close collaboration with the NASSCOM, the GOI (Govt of India)  has predicted that there will be 2.5-3 million jobs in the IT sector by 2025. In FY 2017, the IT industry generated 1,70,000 new jobs . The IT industry already has a base of 3.9 million. So the demand of efficient hardware and networking professionals is going nowhere. We are enlisting some of the reasons why it’s the perfect time to get that degree or diploma in hardware and networking :

Great opportunities : As we have mentioned the IT industry is at an all time boom and every type of companies private and public – different firms, governmental institutions, etc uses laptops, desktops, mobiles . Hardware & Networking professionals, commonly deal with various hardware components such as chips, motherboard, RAM, circuit boards, modems, printers etc A hardware professional with networking skills will never run out of opportunities here.

No Need To Be A Maths Whiz : The networking course begins with simple logic and connections and not much complex math is needed. If you are adept with school level maths you will be able to handle the coursework easily enough.

Great Opportunities For International Exposure : Most networking standards are global. If you are a networking professional with CISCO and RedHat are international certifications with wide reach and are valid and in demand pretty much everywhere. CISCO is one of the leading manufacturers of network and computer hardware and a CISCO certifications works like magic at most places due to the brand name.

Diverse Career Prospects : Once you are Hardware & Networking graduate you will have a huge option of jobs from field technician to network engineer to network operations analyst. In fact passing out from a reputed institute with a degree in hardware and networking pretty much makes you eligible for many jobs in many industries as all industries in today’s time are in need of an efficient and fully functional network system.

If you are looking for a high quality yet affordable Hardware & Networking degree then you can consider the BSc course in Hardware & Networking offered by Brainware University Kolkata. Unique features of this course includes international certifications from CISCO and RedHat and also there’s a pre placement team which trains the graduates in essential soft skills to help them crack interviews with ease.

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