Private school Vs Public School

Privatization of education is a big phenomenon in India. Although it has its quota of naysayers, private education has in the course of years provided education opportunities to a lot of people. Privatization of education has also brought professional/technical education a step closer to people. Technical education has become more accessible.


Today we will espouse some of the advantages of private colleges


More Impartial : Unlike the Government institutions, there are no Reservations in Private Colleges. So the selection will be made solely on your performance on All India exams or University specific entrance exams, and your interview performance. So no danger of a less qualified candidate making past you on basis of the infamous ‘’quota’’!


Small Class Size : Govt colleges are (in) famous for their huge class size. Due to so many students there . the faculty is not able to address individual questions. Education can be made more personalized if the batch is small. The faculty can teach in a way keeping in mind the individual differences and capabilities of the students


Wider options : As said before private colleges offer more personalized education. So students  are given more autonomy in selecting optional courses. Greater autonomy means that students studying subjects they have greater aptitude, interest in and excel in those subjects.


Greater Facilities : Quality Private Colleges provide state of art infrastructure in form of well equipped and up to date libraries, well maintained residential areas and hygienic food.