Networking Tips for graduates


Helpful networking tips


Ever wondered, how some people just seem to be very well connected? How some people claim they know people in ‘’high places’’? How some people bag a coveted job, despite not being the most qualified candidate out there? The simple answer is : Networking!


Now unless you are born into a mega rich, famous family who are highly regarded by all, you have to make ‘’connections’’ yourself. Since you have no powerful guardian, parent or relative backing you up, you have to do the networking yourself, call or meet up potential employers and relevant experienced professionals and showcase your skills.


This is where many people fumble and lose confidence. Many people hate the idea of networking .Many of us hate putting ourselves out there, introducing ourselves, reaching out to random strangers. Many introverts or shy, low profile people turn away from networking. They think ‘’I’d rather let my work speak for me.’’ But the bitter truth is that a successful career is as much dependant on what you know as it is with who you know.


In today’s competitive world, networking is unavoidable. Networking and building up relationships can be the way to get a foothold in your desired industry. The ‘’dream job’’ is a product of relentless hard work and relentless networking.


Here we share some tips on how you can network as a fresh graduate :


Treat Every Networking Opportunity As An Interview : This means conduct thorough background research of the person you are about to network with. Also conduct thorough research on the company whose employee you will network with. Show up dressed impeccably without over dressing.


Don’t Ask For Favours Right Away : Networking is not begging. Many people mix up the two which has given the term ‘’networking’’ bad press. Many novice networkers in fact make a big mistake by asking for favours – recommendation, internship/job  opportunities etc. Don’t make the networking session be about you – shift it to the problems the person with whom you are networking is facing, or the problems he/she might face, and pitch how you might help them/their company with the skills at your disposal. The whole session would be about how you can help them out, solve their problem. If you can be a part of the project as a volunteer, sign up for that. Let the networking session be an opportunity to showcase your skills and not a job offer.


Be Authentic : People can spot a fake from a mile away. If you are not the life of the party type of person – a natural extrovert, don’t try to be one. Introvert people can listen and observe like no one else. Listen to what the other person has to say, see if they are currently facing a problem then suggest  how you might be of help.


Consider Networking online : Internet is the best friend for those of us who hate networking parties and large social settings. Have an eye on a particular company? Then why not  message a senior employee of that firm through LinkedIn? However don’t send your CV right away. Introduce yourself, mention what attracts you to the company, what makes you a potential fit to the company culture and how you can help.