Now that college fair season has arrived, it’s time to grab this opportunity to gather helpful information about your future college prospects. You need not worry if you’re not sure which vital questions to ask the university representatives. Here’s a list of questions we have shortlisted just for you.

  • What kind of opportunities will the university be able to provide in the [selected major or course]?

        It’s most essential to know what the college will be able to do for you with regard to your concerned course. Take an interest in learning about the opportunities          and the quality of education that you will receive in the particular field.

  • Which are the most popular programs of the university?

      It helps to be aware of which courses the university is good for. You will easily be able to decide whether or not the particular college is right for you.

  • How can an undergrad change their major?

        If one day you realise that the course you have been pursuing is not as exciting as you thought, how would you go about changing your major? Each year, you                will find a number of students opting out of their chosen course to pursue a different one. Under such circumstances, it helps to know in advance, if the                          university can make that happen.  

  • How can an undergrad get involved in research if they wished to?

       If you’re considering research, find out whether the university has the provisions and facilities to cater to it. Find out how much the faculty is involved with the             students who are pursuing research and the kind of support and mentoring that the students get from them.

  • What do the students usually do on weekends?

         Now, this is not a question of what’s fun to do around college, but rather a question that is going to help you decide whether the university and the students                   share the same kind of environment and resources that you’re looking for in a college.

  • How is the fee structure of the course and what are the additional costs that may be involved?

        Ofcourse, money matters are left to the parents, but get a clear idea of what it would cost them if you enrolled in the particular college.

  • What kind of financial aid does the university offer and what percentage of the fee can be covered by scholarships?

        After discussing the fee structure, it’s important to know how the university can help you pay for a percentage of your tuition fee. Find out everything you can               about the scholarship schemes and financial aids provided by the university.

  • Will the university help the undergrad students with their internship?

         Internships are a great way to receive hands-on experience in the industry. If the university can help you find one, it’s a bonus. Some students even get                          absorbed  into the companies they intern under. So, make sure to grab any opportunity to learn about the internship scenario at the university.

  • What kind of jobs have the university been able to provide for its past students?

        You are studying to get a job and if the university is doing a good job of it, you have the right to know. Go ahead and ask away!

  • What kind of career counselling and aid does the university provide for the enrolled students?

        Pre-placement training and counselling are essentials for campus drives. It helps the appearing candidates get the hang of things; what to do and what not to do.

  • How much is the hostel fee and what are the services and facilities that are covered under it?

         If you’re considering staying on campus, ask the representatives about the college facilities and services available and how much it is going to cost you. This                   way, you can decide whether you would opt to stay outside or in the university.

  • How are the meal plans and what kind of food is available on campus?

         Picky eaters aren’t a rare sight on campus. So, if you’re concerned about the meals, it’s best to know beforehand.

  • What are the active student organizations? Can I create one if I want to and what’s the process?

         Student organizations play a big role in the university campus. Who knows? The college might have a club for your favourite kind of activity. If not, you might             be able to create one.

  • What are the steps taken to insure safety of the students on campus?

        Safety should never be overlooked whether you’re on campus or outside or whether you’re a boy or a girl. Make sure to know more about how the university is              taking care of its students’ safety and security.

        You shouldn’t be afraid to ask these questions since you are considering investing your time and money on the university or college. So, go ahead and ask                      anything and everything you can to learn more about the university and what it has to offer you.