How to get internships
Are you standing on the verge of completing your graduation or master's degree? Are you thinking about starting your career? Are you not sure about how to get an internship? Then, this blog is going to guide you through.

Are you standing on the verge of completing your graduation or master’s degree? Are you thinking about starting your career? Are you not sure about how to get an internship? Then, this blog is going to guide you through. 

The internship period is one of the biggest transitions of one’s life. It works as a bridge between the college/university campus and professional life. 

The internship is a great way to kickstart a career after college or university. It makes you prepared for the job industry and also smoothens the path of the transition. 

What is an internship? 

In order to gain work experience or satisfy requirements for a qualification, the position of a student or trainee who works in an organisation, sometimes without pay, is called an internship. 

What should be the goal of the internship? 

An internship can be extremely beneficial for it can create future opportunities based on performance. Not only so, but it can also assure a full-time position, again based on your performance. 

In the internship period, the sole focus should be on learning. 

Goals of Internship: 

Getting accustomed to the work environment 

Getting acquainted with the colleagues and how they do the work 

Getting used to with work schedule 

Scheduling the work

Prioritizing work based on urgency 

Types of Internship (Paid and Unpaid): 

Paid Internship: When it comes to paid internships, one should have to be very clear in choosing this. As the internships are mostly unpaid, one must not lose the opportunity of getting an internship, that too, paid. 

Unpaid Internship: Unpaid internships are there, but it does not mean that the intern will be working like a slave. Basically, a company spends both of its time and money on an intern. But not all the interns are worth it. So, not every company offers paid internships.

Before going for an unpaid internship, two criteria should be checked properly. 

The company has a good reputation 

The company has a good working environment

If the company has both these two factors, you can go for an unpaid internship as your work experience is going to be very beneficial for your upcoming professional life. 

How to get an internship?

Select a number of companies to apply to.  You can call them too. 

Find out the hiring managers on different platforms/apps.

It is not always about aiming at the very big companies. You can learn everywhere. You can choose a not-so-big company too for your internship. It is about the responsibility that you get in the company and how you deliver your duties. 

You can ask for an internship. You can make a list of the companies where you would like to work as an intern and you can get the details like email id or phone number on the website of the company. 

Where to look for internship details? 

Visit job profiles as there are thousands of requirements mentioned. You can apply accordingly. 

Getting personal recommendations also works. You can reach out to your friends, family, relatives and start working. 

Contacting the companies directly also works. 

Before going for the internship, make sure you have a well-formatted resume or curriculum vitae. Make sure, this is precise and contains the mentioned points with 

Contact details 

Career objective 

Academic qualifications

Professional qualification


Professional Experience 


Co-curricular activities 


Personal Details 


P.S- Simply skip the Professional Experience section if you have not worked earlier. This particular section should not be mentioned in the resume if the candidate is fresher. Not a single section should be blank in the resume. This creates a negative impression of the intern. 

An internship is about starting your career and it is not a joke. Keep trying until you get an internship opportunity. Try hard, work harder. 

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