It is a branch of knowledge that deals in various aspects of hospitality industry and their management. It teaches students how to run restaurants, hotels, food service companies, managing travel and tourism, and other related businesses.

Reason to do Hospitality Management

Above all your interest matters. If you love being among people and possess initial hospitality skills, then your study and work turns out to be easy and fun. It improves your etiquette and skills to meet and serve people as per their wishes, which also add to your versatility.

There are number of advantages of doing hospitality management. Earning a good amount of revenue throughout the year, hospitality industry provides plenty of job opportunities to all the students. It is a rapid growing industry, which gives healthy chances to the students to learn and grow.

In the coming years it is believed that that hotel industry will contribute in a large amount towards the employment scale.

What are the popular courses and eligibility criteria?

You can award yourself with certificate, diploma or masters degree in either hospitality management or related field such as, hotel management, event management, travel and tourism management etc. Below listed are few common courses and their duration are:

Diploma in Hospitality Management – 1 year
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Hotel and Hospitality Management – 3 years
Graduate Certificate in International Hospitality Management – 6 months
Graduate Diploma in International Hospitality Management – 1 year
Master Degree in International Hospitality Management – 1.5 – 2 years

The selection of the students differs from one university to the other. Some universities provide Bachelor courses while others take admission only after the completion of graduation. For individual requirement of every university, you can visit their websites and get your queries resolved through mail or call.

Jobs you can apply

Hotel Management:

  • Hotel general manager
  • Group sales
  • Spa manager

Event Planning:

  • Event planner
  • Wedding Coordinator
  • Event manager

Food Operations:

  • Executive chef
  • Cook
  • Beverage manager


  • Front desk
  • Concierge
  • Bellhop

Is it necessary to do internship?

Internships are often a part of the course curriculum. If not, it is always good to go for an internship after completion of this course. The best part of the internship programme is that it is paid. With the help of internship programmes, you get to know the real world outside. You get to interact with many and if you have a genuine luck, you get absorb by the same company.