hospital administration courses in kolkata

If you have a genuine interest in the science, management and arts of healthcare delivery systems and services, then a course in hospital administration or hospital management is the best possible choice for you. Students can enrol in either BBA or PG Diploma in Hospital Management.

Such courses serve two significant purposes- one, it allows students to get job-ready to serve in hospitals and health services, and two, it provides a stepping stone to earn Master’s degree in Hospital Administration or Management. With the ever-increasing growth in healthcare industry, more and more students are seeking such courses.

Course Benefits

  • Courses in hospital management or hospital administration aim to teach students knowledge, skills and abilities, essential for the management of both government and corporate hospitals.
  • Every possible management aspect of different clinical and support systems is taught in the course.
  • Provide students with higher employment prospects.

Career Prospects

As one of the largest sectors in India, healthcare is growing in leaps and bounds both in terms of revenue and jobs. The Indian health sector is growing rapidly due to its increased coverage, services and expenditure by both public and private players. The overall Indian healthcare market today amounts to almost US$ 100 billion and is projected to increase to US$ 280 billion by 2020 at a compound annual growth rate of 22.9%.

After completing your degree or diploma, students can get diverse career opportunities-

  • Hospital Operations
  • Hospital Information System
  • Healthcare Insurance
  • Health Project Management
  • Medical Tourism
  • Healthcare Consultancy
  • Hospital Designing
  • Tele-Medicine

Salary and Benefits:

Generally, the placement package is moderate at the time of joining, but later it matches the best pay package in the industry. If you get offer in a multi- specialty or super- specialty hospitals, then you will get facilities like corporates. You will get corporate drivers like customer relationship management, inventory management, front-office management, records keeping, document control, insurance, IT, marketing and sales, environment & safety, quality and such.

Hospital Management Courses at Brainware University

Brainware University, Kolkata offers courses in hospital management.

  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Hospital Management.
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital Management.

This study offers efficient skills and knowledge to students in various administrative operations of clinical and service departments.

Students get to learn about basic managerial skills such as decision- making, relationship building with employees and financial management. Students also get basic skills in supervising operations, managing medical professionals and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.