Things to know before seeking computer science engineering admission

Things to know before seeking computer science engineering admission

Computer science engineering

Today, computer science is an integral part of daily life. From online banking to streaming movie sites, everything involves the use of computer science. Therefore, it is no surprise that BTech in computer science & engineering is one of the most sought-after courses. Interestingly, the Indian software product industry is expected to reach $100 billion by 2025. To be a part of this ever-evolving industry, it is important that you seek computer science engineering admission in a good college. However, before you do that, here are a few important things that you should know:

Is this the right course for you?

  1. The most important thing is to ask yourself why you want to study computer science engineering and whether you have the required skill set, knowledge and interest for the same. Before taking up computer science engineering :
  2. You should have taken up computer science as a subject in school and must have basic programming knowledge.
  3. Know if you are good in Mathematics and other core science subjects.
  4. You should have a genuine interest in computers and their applications.
  5. You should have a problem-solving approach.
  6. You should be ready to work with complex algorithms and big data.
  7. You should be ready for lifelong learning as the industry is ever-evolving. 
  • How to select the right college? Selecting the right computer science engineering college is a big decision to make as these four years will give direction to your career. Here are a few tips to shortlist a college 
  • Choosing an engineering stream: Before choosing a college, always zero in on the engineering course you would like to pursue. Data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning and the internet of things —- all the fields are interesting and lucrative. But you have to choose the one where your interest and skills fit. This is a very important step because you don’t want to end up doing a course you are not interested in.
  • Write down your criteria: Make a list of elements you want to use to evaluate colleges. It could include considerations such as courses offered, location, campus infrastructure, placement and internships.
  • Rank your priorities: Make a list of the pros and cons of the engineering college you are considering, and rate them on different aspects such as affiliation, affordability, teacher-student ratio, college infrastructure and facilities available.
  • Eligibility: To be eligible for our Btech in computer science & engineering programmes, students need 55% marks or equivalent grade in ’10+2′ examination with minimum 45% marks in selected subjects. 
  • Scope: Computer science is a very vast discipline and one of the most popular engineering courses in the country. The course lays emphasis on training students about the basics and different aspects of computer engineering. The scope for a computer science engineer can range from development, design, manufacture, maintenance and assembly. Other various roles offered to a computer science engineer are:
  • Software Developers
  • Programmers
  • Web developers
  • Hardware Engineers
  • System Designers
  • System Analysts
  • Networking Engineers
  • Database Administrators, etc.

Looking for computer science engineering admission?

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