Career options for accounting majors


Best Career For Accounting Majors


Today we will uncover some of the best career paths and options of accounting major. Hailed as one of the most lucrative majors, doing a major in accounting, or completing a certified professional course in accounting, is one of the best professional decisions you can make . Crunching numbers and sifting through data in order to help companies make cost effective business decisions, help them assess potential financial risk of each project. In this article we will underline some of the top career you can pursue if you have done an accounting major,


Tax Accountant : Tax accountants are indispensable professionals. everywhere. Everyone from big companies, corporate honchos to the common man needs a seasoned tax accountants to prepare and scrutiny their documents. They work with clients to ensure that they meet the demands of the ever changing tax regulations. This profession is secure, and lucrative and never goes out of fashion!


Information Systems Accountant : An information systems accountant is a versatile individual, who uses his in depth knowledge of both technology as well as accountancy, to develop cost effective financial systems for their clients ( IT companies) they are also expected to perform auditing services. Such professionals have background in both computer software as well as accounting.


Compliance Officer : The basic responsibility of this professional   is to ensure that the company stays updated with the current laws, local and national regulations. They are in much demand on various industries like healthcare, manufacturing, finance etc.


Chief Financial Officer : One of the highest paying jobs in the world which accounting majors can bag. Usually this designation comes after a few years of experience in accounting. The duties of the CFO is manifold which extends from determining the budget of a company, overseeing that the projects do not overrun the budget, coming up with cost effective strategic decisions, conduct, surveys, research and audits, dabble in debt management etc. He is an integral part in various finance related activities such as investment decisions, taxation planning, product pricing etc.


Corporate Controller : This is one of the most diverse roles which cut across several departments. Corporate Controllers trace and supervise all financial processes of a firm.
Forensic Accountant : These professionals are indispensable as they help law enforcement organizations in uncovering financial fraud and embezzlement.