IOT Courses

There is one thing that has successfully disrupted the daily lives to a large extent. 

It is called Internet of Things (IoT) that refers to everything, for example smart appliances likes stoves, refrigerators, fans etc., smart security system and others that one uses in their daily lives and is connected to the internet. This allows one to either to receive or control data about the ‘thing’ from the smartphone or computer.

IOT courses

Understanding IoT is of immense importance for those who are seeking to pursue a career in the Information Technology (IT) industry. Brainware University provides the opportunity to its students to pursue industry-oriented BCA and MCA programmes so that they can have a bright career. 

BCA MCA course: Knowing the latest IoT trends

In order to make the students industry-ready, time and again, the departments conduct webinars, seminars, special lecture sessions. Recently, the Department of Computational Science organised a webinar on ‘An IoT Based Smart Entrance Systems‘ to update the BCA and MCA students about the latest IoT trends. 


Now, this webinar was a different one from the usual ones because this webinar was conducted by four MCA 2nd year students. Debasmita Saha, Rintu Roy, Rishi Sinha, Anchal Kumari conducted the session. In their address, they  discussed how IoT is taking over the industry through the integration and interconnection of the physical and the digital world. 


This was a new experience for the students as well who participated as speakers in the event. The departments at the university always provide the students new platforms where the students can learn about new topics in an interactive manner. The webinar on IoT was a new experience for the speakers as well as the audience. 

BCA MCA colleges in India: Course details

Those who are interested in pursuing a career in the IT industry must note that Brainware University offers: 

  1. i) 3-year BCA programme 
  2. ii) 2-year MCA programme

The Department of Computational Science has designed the course curriculum in such a way that very course has an industry-oriented specialised papers like Android, C#, Java, Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, IoT and more. 

Also, value-added courses are offered to the students like UX Design, Angular and Node JS, Data Analytics using Python, Social Media Analytics using Big Data Analysis etc. 

Industry-oriented knowledge is very much important for the students. In this regard, the department has a number of academic and industry collaborations with EDB Software, Optimized Solutions, CourseShape and other organisations. These organizations provide industrial training and also help in the moderation of the curriculum. 

B.Tech M.Tech courses

Furthermore, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering offers specialised B.Tech and M.Tech programmes: 

  1. i) 4-year Tech CSE programme in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI & ML) 
  2. ii) 4-year Tech CSE programme in Data Science

iii) 2-year M.Tech  CSE programme in AI & ML

BCA MCA course: Research facilities 

The department at present has 15 patents under its name. The department also offers PhD programmes. Currently, the research areas include: 

  1. i) Software Testing
  2. ii) Cloud Computing

iii) Cloud Security

  1. iv) Social Media Analytics
  2. v) Online Education System

Brainware University is determined to train students towards a bright future. The students will enjoy the vibrant campus life at the 9-acre sprawling green campus. The campus hosts fully-equipped state-of-the-art laboratories to impart practical trainings to the students.