Boosting employability



As we have already ascertained , getting a degree doesn’t necessarily translate to post graduation employment these days. When you are talking about engineering majors, in India engineers come a dime, a dozen. This is because engineering or the Btech ( Bachelors in Technology) is one of the most popular courses in India,  and millions of engineering graduates, pass out of college every year .  To get into a job, you must at first get into the notice of the employer. For that you need to boost your employ ability. We will be sharing a few tips on how to boost your employ-ability.


Keep up the GPA : Yes GPA is not be all or end all, but it still gets your foot in the door. All things considered, for a fresh graduate the GPA matters a lot, because fresh graduates do not have the work experience to offer which can offset a lower GPA. Most firms have cutoffs which you have to meet, and exceed . A high GPA may not always get you in but a low GPA can keep you out.


Strengthen Your Fundamentals : If you want to get into a job after graduation, then do focus on strengthening your basics. Engineering students are expected to have firm grasp on their fundamentals, and also utilize their knowledge to solve real life problems.

Improve Non Technical Skills : Use the pre placement training available at your college as much as possible. This is because most engineering graduates lack in soft skills like communication skills, negotiation skills, management skills, teamwork skills etc, which are held valuable at corporate houses. Nowadays engineers cannot work solo, they need to be efficient at managerial qualities like communication and leadership as well to succeed.


Network : As a student/fresh graduate you have to build up a network. This in essence means establishing good rapport with professors and seniors who can give you tips on how to succeed in industry, and can also vouchsafe your talents and credentials. As a graduate your professors are often the only reliable source of recommendation, so networking deftly with experienced members of faculty who can introduce you to the industry and also support your accomplishments is a must.
Self presentation : All your hard work – grades, extra curriculars, networks will be in vain if you fail to present yourself properly. Communication skills here not just includes speech skills, but also writing skills. You should learn how to write convincing personal statements, present yourself in your CV, and write cover letters.