New media marketing includes promoting products, services and brands through the evolving online channels. It often takes on the connotation of becoming a media provider as content marketing becomes an increasingly valuable and pervasive marketing tool, and every organization has the talent to become a publisher and industry voice in the new media age.

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What Includes New Media

As web has become a primary source of all research, communication and other tasks, marketers have completely shifted from the traditional way of marketing to online marketing. New media have become a relevant source of marketing tool, helping businesses to reach the zenith. New media marketing channels include:



  • Websites and website content
  • Search engines
  • Social media networks
  • Email newsletters
  • Online video
  • Online forums
  • Content aggregators

In most cases these channels have taken over the traditional way of reaching their target audience like direct mail and newspaper flyers.

With the help of new media, businesses can essentially turn into an efficient marketing platform. Both B2C and B2B companies can cover a larger sphere of audience through different new media.

Organizations utilizing new media promoting regularly struggle to decide the adequacy of their campaigns. However, web-based social networking platforms have taken off analytics features, for example, Facebook Insights, that enable organizations to monitor and track action on their online networking pages and substance. As of now, the normal business utilizes approximately six informal networks – The larger part of B2Cs lean toward Facebook, while B2Bs see LinkedIn as most significant.

Like other marketing tools, the role of new media marketing platforms is to boost conversions. In the language of web, this can mean more than strict sales. Businesses tend to make prospects fill up forms, and indulge in other marketing campaigns online. Companies need to experiment with new marketing strategies in order to bring new conversions to the business.

In addition to web conversions, popular metrics included in new media marketing analytics suites contain bounce rates, dwell time and overall website traffic. Each of these figures provides companies with a clear picture of their marketing campaign success and helps them to plan accordingly for their next step.

With the growth of new media tools, you don’t need to talk much as a salesperson, but you can gain everything through online platform. You just need to plan wisely and you can be a real success in the market.