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MBA has suddenly made a comeback as a very popular subject that students of today want to study. Especially in Kolkata, where people are more eccentric, it is not necessary that a student will do a BBA before going on to an MBA. Here people switch from all streams to pursue an MBA. In fact there are also students who have studied an Arts subject and then pursued an MBA for their Masters. Instances like these are very common nowadays. Therefore, if you have also just finished your Bachelor’s degree, be it in whichever stream, and are looking to pursue your MBA from AICTE approved colleges for MBA in Kolkata, then this article might be of some help. But be aware of the fact that you should not be doing an MBA because it is a popular choice. You should actually want to do it.

Now when choosing a College for pursuing an MBA, there are many things to consider. But the two most important things to consider perhaps are the quality of education and the fees of the 2 year course. The problem almost always is that you do not find these two together. Either the quality of education is very good but the course fee of the college is too high. Otherwise the course fee is affordable but the quality of education is not so good. But if you are looking for the best college of MBA in Kolkata that actually combines both, then one institution that you absolutely must look at is Brainware Business School. This B-School is very affordable, but at the same time, it imparts quality education and many noted and erudite people are employed as professors here.

Be sure to check out this school online and do your research thoroughly. We are sure that apart from the course curriculum, the 9 acre lush green campus will also win your heart. But, one must always be prepared with backups. Maybe it will so happen that you will apply here and not get through. Not to sound depressing, but what will you do in that case? You have to be prepared for the worst. So in that case, we are also providing you with the names of a few more MBA Colleges in Kolkata through CAT. Goenka College of Commerce and Business Administration is one excellent institution that you can consider as a backup. Also consider looking at Heritage Business School.We hope this article has answered your queries about doing a Master’s in Business Administration.