How To Make The Most Out Of Your BCom

How To Make The Most Out Of Your BCom


If you are a freshly admitted BBA student, wondering how to wade through the waters of  academics and come out triumphant – that is bag a good pre placement offer, then this article is for you.


BCom or Bachelors in Commerce is considered one of the most lucrative undergraduate courses in India. If you have an interest in the management or corporate field – if you have ambitions for a managerial position, – in operation, marketing or finance, then the BCom can be the perfect launchpad for such a career. In many ways BCom can be the gateway to management/consulting career.


BCom is the perfect pre MBA experience. as it prepares you for the corporate/management roles through industry mapped academic courses, helps you to use everyday corporate/management tools such as PowerPoint Presentation, Excel etc. Like the MBA high quality BCom also involve frequent industry interfaces, internships, industry visits etc, that prepares you for the corporate world and gives you a taste of how real businesses operate. Just like an MBA a BCom will also have placement seasons where the students will have job offers and pre placement offers.


However to make the most of the BCom there are some things you must keep in mind. In this article we will bring forward a few tips that every BCom student should keep in mind, if they want to make their BCom course a success. If you want to make the best return on investment, then there are certain things you must keep in mind :


Develop a solid grasp of Accounting basics : Accounting is the bedrock of any business. Whether  a business has succeeded or failed, is steaming ahead or lagging behind its peers is best expressed in numbers. Having a good knowledge of the basics of finance, and knowledge of how to create and interpret financial statements is necessary if you want to make a career in the management field. If possible learn the basics of current accounting software like ERP Tally.


S for Sales : If you are interested in the corporate/management field, there is simply no escaping the big bad world of sales. Even if you are not majoring in marketing, you have to master at least a few sales tactics. For example if you have plans for a career in finance, don’t think you will automatically given an analyst position. Selling is a tactic which every would be banker and finance professional should master. The majority of jobs in BFSI ( Banking and Financial Sector) jobs will involve selling – upselling and cross selling of banking products like mutual funds, insurance, stocks etc. So if possible work on communication and marketing skills.


Learn Basics of Market & Consumer Research : Business is mainly a consumer oriented affair. The more you can keep abreast of the latest consumer demands and create personalized products and service, the better your business will grow! So if you study the fundamentals of market research – or better still obtain a certification whilst doing the BCom then this will certainly set you apart from your peers. Knowledge of markets and the latest trends of the market is an asset to every employer.


Pursue Additional Courses : If you have plans for pursuing a career in finance then you should study one or more of these courses. – ERP Tally 9, Advance Excel,  Financial Accounting etc. Many high quality colleges indeed train the Bcom students in such accounting software.

For example Brainware University, Kolkata which provides both BCom as well as MCom courses, firmly believes in keeping their students updated with the latest accounting software, so the students are provided hand on training on Tally ERP 9. – leading to certification.


C For Charter : This is for those who has definite long term goals for a career in finance. If you are serious to become a finance professional then do study for certifications such as Chartered Financial Analyst ( CFA), Chartered Accountant ( CA), Chartered Management Accountant ( CMA) etc. These evergreen certifications are still considered as gold standard in financial sector.
All things said, if you want to make your BCom a success, then you have to supplement it through relevant certifications and of course a consistent good academics. If you are a resident of West Bengal and interested in BCom from a well reputed college – then the Bcom course offered by Brainware University, Kolkata will be the best option for you. Brainware specializes in affordable professional courses that are designed according to current industry requirements and makes you job ready.