Month: April 2020

Media Science courses

Study of Media Science- Scopes and Advantages

As the sector of media and communication is becoming more diverse and dynamic day by day, the demand for the degrees in the media and communication studies is also becoming popular. Media Science is the study in the field of Mass Media that contains everything from print media like newspaper to audio/audio-visual media like radio,…
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cyber security courses

Cyber Law and Information Technology- a Brief Overview

As the field of information technology is highly progressing over the past centuries, it is becoming more vulnerable to misuse, mismanagement, and moreover civil, criminal, and moral wrongdoings. Here comes the need for mechanisms to control it and requirement for legal provisions. This will empower law enforcement agencies, offer assurance to user, and deter criminal…
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Cloud Computing

What Is The Cloud Computing and Its Scope?

Cloud computing can be termed as a technology that mandatorily hosts all the programs needed for the completion of the job. The cloud computing is a system runs everything from simple emailing to complex data analysis programming. The term ‘cloud’ refers to a series of computers which control all assigned activities. In today’s world, cloud…
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stress management therapy

Stress Management during Lockdown

In our daily lives we often utter the word ‘stress’ under various situations, though we hardly know what causes us stress or how to manage stress effectively. Stress generally arises out of different internal and external influences that affect our mind, body, and behaviour deeply. In order to know effective stress management strategies, we must…
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