Rules and Regulations

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General Rules

Following activities of the students shall be deemed as acts of indiscipline:

  • Disruption of, or improper interference with the academic, administrative, sporting, social or other activities of the University, whether within University premises or elsewhere;
  • Obstruction of, or improper interference with, the functions, duties or activities of any student, academic and non-academic staff of this University, or any authorized visitor of this University ;
  • Use of violent, indecent or offensive behavior or language on University premises or elsewhere;
  • Fraud, deceit, deception or dishonesty in relation to this University or its staff;
  • Action likely to cause injury or impair safety on these premises;
  • Action likely to cause sexual or racial harassment of any student, staff or any other employee of this University or any authorized visitor of this University;
  • Damage to, or defacement the University's property caused intentionally and recklessly, or misappropriation of such property which includes damaging resources and furniture items like cupboards/ lockers/file cabinets/walls /doors/ windows/ boards/ tables/equipment/ chairs and others by way of writing names/painting/scribbling;
  • Misuse or unauthorized use of the University premises or items of property, including computer misuse;

Conduct that constitutes criminal offence, whether that conduct:

a) Takes place on the campus, or

b) Damages the good name of the University;

  • Behavior which brings the University into disrepute;
  • Stealing and damaging items within the premises;
  • Ragging in or outside the University premises ;
  • Being instrumental directly or indirectly for mass absenteeism or boycott of classes resulting in vitiating the atmosphere of the University;
  • Threatening, physically preventing or using any other means to prevent any student from attending classes;
  • Defacing materials, books, periodicals, magazines maintained in the library or any other department of this University;
  • Giving interviews to the media or any other outside agency demeaning this University ;
  • Using abusive language and creating nuisance in the premises of this University disturbing the peace and independent rights of fellow students and faculty members;
  • Indulging in activities like consuming drugs, alcohol, weed, or such other reproachable activities on Campus/ in Hostel which is construed as a societal offence at large;
  • Indulging in creation of web pages , blogs or any other web based material regarding the University or its activities or persons thereof, without obtaining prior permission from the authorities;
  • Organizing any activity without the permission of the Principal or the Executive Director within the premises.
  • Students defaulting in any respect will be liable for disciplinary action as decided by the university.

Rules to be followed in lab

  • All the labs follow certain safety and academic norms for smooth functioning. Students are advised to keep themselves updated on those norms and follow them accordingly.
  • Any removable data storage device or hardware attachments for software operations cannot be taken in or out without written approval of the Department-in-Charge. A violation of this will be considered as an intention for piracy / theft.
  • While studying at the University, students will have to operate machines and tools carefully and observe all safety regulations and see that no damage is caused to the self, others or to the University's property, machinery or equipment. In case of any damage to the Institute's property, the concerned student will have to reimburse or make good of the damage caused. Any decision regarding the extent of their liability on such account shall be at the discretion of the University, which shall be final.
  • Students will not operate any machinery / equipment without the permission of the instructor.
  • In case of any damage or items missing, the concerned student(s) shall be held responsible for the same and has to pay for the damages.
  • The nature of learning in any programme may require the students to purchase tools, stationary items from time to time. Specific instructions in this regard will be given by the concerned department / faculty at the beginning of various courses.
  • The University will take utmost care of the students, but in case of any natural calamities, war, or riots the institute will not be responsible for the individual student's safety and security.
  • In case of medical emergency in the laboratory, the student must inform the faculty member / technical assistant without any hesitation.

Library Circulation Rules

  • No one will be allowed the privileges and facilities of the library under more than one category of membership even though one may be entitled to membership of the library under more than one categories.
  • If books borrowed by persons mentioned in sub-sections ....... of the library rules above be not returned in spite of reminders, the matter shall be reported to the Library Committee for such action as may be considered necessary.
  • No book shall be issued and delivered to any person other than a duly registered borrower (mentioned in sub-section...) in person or someone having on each occasion a written authority from him to receive a book or books on behalf of such registered borrower.
  • At the time of borrowing a book either for use in the library reading room or for use at home, every borrower is expected to examine it carefully and bring to the notice of the Officer-in-Charge of the issue-counter, cases of mutilation, defacement or damage, if any, immediately; otherwise if any mutilation, defacement or damage be detected subsequently, the person to whom the book was issued last will be held responsible for such damage, defacement or mutilation.
  • Persons held responsible for loss, damage, defacement or mutilation of books shall be liable to compensate the library in such way as may be determined by the Library Committee.
  • In case of mutilation, damage, defacement or loss of library books, the Principal may, pending the final decision of the Library Committee, wholly or partially suspend the library privileges allowable to a person who is held responsible or is suspected to be responsible for the offence.
  • Borrowed items by college-students must be returned on or before the due date failing which the borrower will need to pay overdue charges at the following rate, for continuation of membership: