Dept. of Computational Science: Programme Educational Objectives

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  • Engage in applications oriented work and management of computer systems, including software, hardware, computer networking and network management.
  • To prepare students for successful careers in software industry that meet the needs of Indian and multinational companies.
  • Describe and analyze the hardware, software, components of a network and the interrelations.
  • Communicate, using oral, written and computer based communication technology, as well as function effectively as an individual and a team member in professional environment.
  • Explain networking protocols and their hierarchical relationship: hardware and software. Compare protocol models and select appropriate protocols for a particular design.
  • Develop solutions for networking and security problems, balancing business concerns, technical issues and security.
  • Pursue lifelong learning and continuous improvement of their knowledge and skills in the design, development, and application of computer systems in diverse industries with the highest professional and ethical standards.
  • Manage multiple operating systems, systems software, network services and security. Evaluate and compare systems software and emerging technologies.
  • Understand the local, national and global issues related to the development and applications of computer systems and to be considerate of the impact of these issues on different cultures.
  • Explain concepts and theories of networking and apply them to various situations, classifying networks, analyzing performance and implementing new technologies.
  • Identify infrastructure components and the roles they serve, and design infrastructure including devices, topologies, protocols, systems software, management and security. Analyze performance of enterprise network systems.
  • To inseminate in students professional and ethical attitude, effective communication skills, team work skills, multidisciplinary approach, and an ability to relate the issues to broader social context.