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Issue - 17

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September - 2018

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Cover Story

Freshers’ Welcome

Singing, dancing, celebration and festivities were the order of the day as Brainware University welcomed its newest batch of students at the Freshers’ Welcome 2018 at Rabindra Bhavan, Barasat. Through various entertaining and artistic performances the senior students ushered their juniors into the fold. Cheering, dancing and selfie flashlights were the order of the day as the newcomers in their colourful attires and beaming smiles enjoyed to the fullest. As they left the auditorium at the end of the day, their weary feet and coarse voice stood testament to the wonderful time that they had had. We all at the University welcome them with open arms and wish them the very best for their journey.

Campus news

Inauguration of the New Food Court

Food is the ingredient that binds us together. Good news for the foodies!! Brainware University inaugurated a new food court in the campus. The new Food Court was inaugurated by the Honorable Vice Chancellor, Dr. Subrata Kumar Dey. All the faculty members and students were present in the venue. This Food Plaza will serve all kinds of food in a very reasonable price. The name of the Food Court has not yet been finalized. Any suggestion?

Workshop on Oracle Cloud and Data Science Presented by SHA INFOTECH

Department of Computational Science and Department of Computer Science & Engineering of Brainware University had organized a Workshop in collaboration with SHA Info Tech on Oracle Cloud and Data Science on 14th and 15th of September, 2018. SHA InfoTech is specialized in Oracle and Data Science Consultancy. This Workshop has been organized to bridge the gap between the academia and the industry. With this emerging domain in Computer Science a young talent pool may be created to give them an opportunity to do database consultancy to serve industry in coming future.

Role of Automation in the Educational Sector Presented by Srijanee Mookherji

8th of March 2018 was a day for celebrating strength of mind, force of character, voice, identity and equality as Brainware University commemorated International Women’s Day. On this auspicious occasion we were honoured to welcome Honorable Member of Parliament. Smt. Dola Sen and Nodal Officer, Patent Information Center, West Bengal Council of Science and Technology, Dr. Mahua Hom Choudhury as the chief guests at our International Women’s Day themed Extempore Competition.

Cost-Effective Approaches to Renewable Fuels Production from Kitchen Waste

Owing to greater calorific value, enhanced biodegradability and nutritive value to microbes, kitchen waste can be exploited to produce renewable fuels viz., biogas, biodiesel and bioethanol and as renewable alternatives, reducing our need of fossil fuels. The department of Biotechnology at Brainware University has initiated three independent in-house projects with the expertise of Prof. Subrata Kumar Dey, Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor and Dr. Saprativ P. Das at pilot scale for biogas, biodiesel and biorefinery approach based bioethanol along with biogas production. Several students of B. Sc. (BT) are involved. All the three projects are intended to subsequent building up of large scale plants which will be more ecological, cost operative, abridge the landfill waste and produce an improved sustainable fuel lessening methane and CO2 emissions.

Highlight of the Month

Swachhata Hi Seva Campaign

It gives us great pleasure to usher in the birthday of the Father of Our Nation, Shri Mahatma Gandhi by implementing his ideals in our real and daily social existence. Cleanliness is Godliness had said the great man; and Brainware University is delighted to organize a Swachhata Hi Seva campaign on the 19th of September 2018 in accordance with the UGC guidelines. Students along with their mentors and other faculty members organized a street, drain and alley cleaning event in and around the locality. Along with this a cultural awareness programme was also conducted by the students to raise awareness about cleanliness, personal and public hygiene through Street Plays and Folk performances. Conducting such a socially relevant programme is a matter of great honour for us as we look to create a better and holistic society to live in.

Creative Writing Competition on the Anniversary of the famous Chicago Speech

One of the proudest and the most diverse of moments of Indian history was undoubtedly Swami Vivekananda’s emphatic address at the Chicago Conference on 11th September, 1893. In commemoration of this extraordinary event Brainware University had organized an Essay and Creative Writing Competition at its Barasat campus on the 15th of September, 2018. The programme has inaugurated by the Vice Chancellor Dr. Subrata Kumar Dey who reminded the attending audience of the significance of this event and its place in our rich cultural history. Students from all over the University took part in the event letting their imagination and creativity run wild. Even though there was a winner, it was the spirit of participation that was lauded above all. Along with academics, Brainware University has always considered it a duty to provide the students with a complete and holistic environment for an all-round development.

Collaboration with British Council Library and Chitrabani Library

As a propagator of global education, Brainware University facilitates students with all the academic resources they need in their way to success. Book is one of such resources which does not only act as a supplement to the study materials they receive but also helps students to explore the world of academia. This is why; the library of Brainware University keeps updating its list of books and never stops extending their hands to students as well as the faculty members. The University Library has recently collaborated with British Council Library, Kolkata and the Chitrabani Library, Kolkata so that the students of Brainware University can get assistance from these two prestigious libraries and use the resources any time they want.

Departmental Library for Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering has created their own library which will enable students to delve into their subject in a more effective way. It is not only the students who get benefitted from this library, the teachers as well can obtain all necessary teaching materials as the library constantly re-equips itself by subscribing to the modern research journals and publications.

Students' Corner

Teachers’ Day Celebration

A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning---- this was the thought of the day as the students Brainware University celebrated Teachers Day on the 5th of September, Tuesday. All the different batches of Brainware University celebrated Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan's birthday with great vigour, enthusiasm and reverence as is the tradition of the Institute. Through various cultural activities ranging from singing and dancing to one act play, the students of BCA, MCA, BBA, B.Com, M.Com and Multimedia ushered in the festive spirit as they expressed their gratitude and respect for their teachers. Apart from academics Brainware University has always held the moral development of its students in the highest of regards. Through such celebrations like the 5th of September we strive to instill among our students a holistic approach to life.

Industry Interaction cum Placement Orientation Programme

At Brainware University our ultimate goal has always been to prepare the students and make them industry ready. In keeping up with these ideals the University had organized an Industry Interaction cum Placement Orientation Programme for the final year Undergraduate and Postgraduate Multimedia students at its Barasat campus. Under the guidance and mentorship of industry experts like Ms. S K Vishnupriya, HR Executive , Green gold; Mr. Das Subhajit, Story Board Supervisor, Green gold and Mr. Rishi Chadha, Episodic Director/ IP Development Lead, Green gold the students were educated and trained in the recent developments in the field of Multimedia making them more aware about the prevalent market requirements.

Seminar Participation by Two Bio-Tech Students

Two 1st year B.Sc. Biotechnology students, Amarjit Jha and Riya Chakraborty will be presenting their work entitled “Utilization of kitchen waste for generating a renewable substitute to LPG” and “Microalgae based biodiesel production deploying kitchen waste” respectively, in the upcoming prestigious conference “International conference on Biotechnological Research and Innovation for Sustainable Development & XV BRSI Convention (BioSD 2018)” at CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad from 22nd – 25th November, 2018.

VFX Workshop

Keeping up with the Industry and preparing the students accordingly has always been a creed of Brainware University. In the ever changing field of Multimedia transiency of technologies means that the students need to keep up with all the modern trends in order to make themselves market-ready. In meeting such an end Brainware University had organized a 1 day Workshop on VFX for the final year Undrgraduate and Postgraduate Multimedia students at its Barasat campus on the 22nd of September, 2018. Under the guidance of Champak Saha, VFX Supervisor, NEON FX, the students were made aware of the recent developments in the field of VFX and trained in shooting footages and adding special effects to them using the Green Screen.


Induction Programme in August

At the onset of the new academic session Brainware University welcomed all the new faces to the institution as they embark on their journey towards further and higher academic endeavours through a week long induction and orientation programme. Through speeches, presentations, dramas and one-act-plays the senior students and the staff members including the Vice Chancellor ushered in the newcomers and informed them about this institution that they will call Home for the next three years. We wish them the very best in their journey. Work Hard! Party Harder!

Independence Day Celebration in August

Brainware University has observed 71st Independence Day with great enthusiasm. It started with the flag hoisting ceremony and the national anthem. Everybody was motivated by the speech delivered by the Honourable Vice Chancellor, Dr. Subrata Kumar Dey. The essence of freedom and independence and the virtue of the general good, self-dependence, sacrifice and love towards one’s own country were propagated in the minds of the students as well as everyone present over there. The celebration left all in a good spirit.

Kerala Flood Fund Collection Campaign in August

Apart from quality education, Brainware University has always believed and tried to inculcate amongst its students a sense of brotherhood and togetherness. The horrendous environmental situation of our southern state of Kerala which is as a result of torrential rain has led to destruction of both human and animal life and property as well on a huge scale. The students of Brainware University in collaboration with the faculties and other staff members had organised a Fund Collection Campaign on the 24th and 25th of August, 2018 at our Barasat campus. The funds collected were deposited to the Kerala Chief Minister's Account to aid all those souls stranded in this calamity.

Puppet Animation Workshop in July

In the 21st Century the magic of Multimedia has transcended many boundaries when it comes to transforming passions and personal hobbies into fruitful professional skills. In keeping up with this, Brainware University had organized a seminar cum workshop on Puppet Animation on the 31st of July and the 1st of August, 2018 at our Barasat campus from 10am to 5pm. Under the guidance Mr. Anirban Pal, the participating students and enthusiasts were enlightened in the art of Puppeteering and Puppet Animation. From the concept to the further opportunities that the open market offers these young enthusiasts to make a career out of their passions was clearly elucidated by Mr. Pal. He also showed the various technicalities of Puppet creation, from the material used to how to animate it. The workshop was a great eye-opener to these numerous students as they gained real life insight into how the market operates as they look to make a mark for themselves in this ever creative and colourful world.

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